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Man moves in with prostitute

Mon, 25 March 2013 04:37
by Metro Chief Reporter

a 50-year old man from Windhoek, Gert Hoffmann, has been co-habiting with his Zimbabwean sex worker for the last two months pending his divorce.  
Hoffmann, a German, who has left his posh house in suburban Eros, said last week that life is better off with his Zimbabwean partner than with his wife of 21 years, Helen Hoffman.
He said life has long been drained out of his marriage and for the last five years they have been trying to stay together for the sake of their two children.
“I have 19 and 17 year old boys with Helen but I also have an older daughter who lives in South Africa with another woman. But Helen and I have not been in love for the last five years,” Hoffman said ruefully.
He said he understands what his partner does for a living and he respects it. He also confirmed that when the sex worker comes with a client, he’s told to wait outside.
“You must understand that I choose to look at it as business. This is what I found her doing and I was just one of those men in the beginning,” said Hoffman.
He admitted that he tries to start fights with his girlfriend whenever she comes with a client or tries to go out for business while he’s drunk.
“When I’m drunk we argue a bit when she’s going out to see other men or when she brings them at the house. I think I try to show that I’m the man of the house at that time,” he said.
Hoffman also said he’s excited that the divorce proceedings are currently going well and has a robust plan for himself and his partner.
“My divorce is going well and soon when it is out of the way, my partner and I will be able to settle down because I have things lined up for us,” he said.
Quizzed what’s that he likes about his Zimbabwean girlfriend, Hoffman claimed that she understands him better than his wife.
“We get along very well. She understands me better than my wife. It’s funny because I just met her last year but trust me she’s very wonderful and she knows me pretty well,” he said.
Asked about his sex life with the prostitute, Hoffman said it was pretty robust.
“I don’t have any problems for a man my age and unlike what my friends want to believe, my divorce with my wife and me moving in with my partner has nothing to do with sex,” he explained.
However, when reached for a comment, Helen, who is aware that her husband lives with a prostitute, said her husband’s actions are very despicable.
“Tell me a better way to tell my children that their father is shacking up somewhere in this town with a prostitute. I don’t mind the divorce, which of course I initiated, but I believe he could do better than embarrass us like this,” she said declining to divulge the main cause of their separation and impending divorce.
Helen, however, hinted that her husband’s drinking and promiscuity played a role.
She also said Hoffman is not homeless as he has another property that he rents out in Windhoek West.
The Zimbabwean sex worker declined to comment.