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A heart of gold

Mon, 25 February 2013 05:35
by Jemima Beukes

born to a lame mother and blind father, Tangeni Angula, is convinced that she will never be able to do enough to show her gratitude for the life God has granted her.
Blessed with a caring heart and willingness to serve, she decided to join the Kalahari New Hope Project to give back to community members who, like herself, were born into disadvantaged families.
Kalahari New Hope is a project under the stewardship of several able Namibians and a Romanian family with the sole purpose to provide educational facilities and opportunities to the San communities.
Angula explains how her father, an ardent christian together with her mother, managed to raise eight children and instilled in her the longing to take care of other people who are disadvantaged.
“Personally, I cannot do much for people but I can try my best. I have this inspiration from God in my heart. I hear God saying, I have not been doing enough. God has put this prompting spirit of the Holy Spirit in my heart. It is an issue of serving. It is not giving handouts to people,” she said.
Angula, wife of former Prime Minister Nahas Angula, has clearly sealed the cliche that behind every successful man is a powerful woman.
Head-hunted by a Romanian family who moved to Namibia to stay in the bush in order to empower a marginalised group, the soft spoken Angula who previously headed the Namibia Institute of Pathology has honoured an opportunity to make a difference.
“To see a whole family moving from their home in Romania to settle in the bush made me realise that we Namibians do not contribute enough to the welfare of other Namibians. Our only priority is that of our immediate family,” she said.
Having made acquantance with her heart of gold, her former colleague John Kafidi referred the Romanian family to Angula who could not have been more pleased to give back to society.
“Kafidi always told me about the plight of the San in the Omatako area where children could only go to school up to Grade 3 because the school there offered only those grades. Later he told me about the Romanian family who were looking for Namibians who are willing to spend a little time and resources to better the lives of the San,” she said exclaiming that she was so excited to get involved.
“You know my history is a long one. I am coming from a poor family and I just must give back to the Namibian communities. I have been so blessed. I have received my education for free, God granted me the capacity to manage for free. Why must I not give back to society? I always feel that I am not giving enough. It does not matter who your husband or wife is, if God wants to use you, he will just call you. So I just answered the call from God, it coincided with my need to serve my community,” Angula said adding that she is so excited about the project that she plans on employing an assistant pharmacist who can assist her at her pharmacy.
“I would really love to do more, but now I am confined to my pharmacy. Once I have grown a little then I will look at further projects to give back to the community.”