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Couple devastated as baby dies in home accident

Mon, 18 February 2013 03:59
by Confidence Musariri

a dream wedding voted the wedding of the year 2012 in The Villager came tumbling down for Ronnie and Nothando Sibungo last week when their 16-month old baby George accidently crawled behind the car the couple was kick-starting, killing him instantly.
Since their wedding last October, it has been honeymoon everyday for the Sibungos who met on Facebook, him in Windhoek and she in Swaziland.
They even attended Uche’s ‘My God’s Good Oh’ hit maker’s show on Saturday at the NTN and were looking forward to their first ever Valentine’s Day together.
But tragedy struck at their Klein Windhoek home and stole their only source of inspiration.
Ronnie had been struggling to start his car and Nothando decided to assist, handing the nanny the baby.
No sooner had she started pushing the car with Ronnie at the wheel in reverse did the couple notice that George had escaped the arms of the nanny and went behind the car, presumably in search of his parents.
The next thing they heard was a huge bump. George was gone.
“The memory of your helpless body lying under the car still lies in my memory every time I close my eyes. The events of what happened play over and over in my mind. You were just learning to pray, from seeing us praying every day. I keep hearing your small voice saying, ‘Amen’. Indeed, God gave, He has taken,” wrote Nothando in her eulogy.
George was buried on Saturday at the Pioneer’s Park cemetery.
Ronnie wrote in his eulogy, “Everyone says, all shall be well, but I know things will never be the same without you around. I had so many plans for you.  You made me smile in a special way, no matter how dark my day was . . . I have stopped questioning God why he took you away from us, just after you moved in.  
“My whole world came to a standstill. I had so many questions no one else could answer but God. Only He knows why he brought Mummy and I together, in the way He did . . . just as you were starting to speak.”
Nothando wrote, “You have gone too soon, our child, you have left us confused. But I will not question God. On the morning of your passing away, you woke and came running to daddy and said, ‘morning daddy’ and then you came to me and gave me a huge hug. I tried to put you down but you held on too tight, if I had known you were saying goodbye, I wouldn’t have let go. If I had known you were trying to talk to me I would have listened harder.”
The Villager expresses its condolence to the 2012 The Villager Wedding Couple of the year, Ronnie and Nothando.-editor