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Swapo 2017: What Have They Done This is the second part in a series where The Villager will analyse what each of 11 Swapo Party top four candid...

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Teen (15) accuses mom of promiscuity

Sun, 27 January 2013 19:01
by Chief Metro Reporter

arebellious girl from Otjomuise says she has lost control in life because of her mother’s promiscuity.
The teenager says the many men who come to have drunken sex with her mother in their shack at the back of someone’s house are the reason to her estranged behaviour.
“I run from home all the time and I dropped out of school last year because there was just no support,” the teenager says.
She says her mother was always coming with men from the shebeen next to her house.
“She sleeps with these men on her bed while I’m sleeping on my small mattress on the floor, and many times I hear everything,” says the teenager who appeared to have seen more condoms than kiddie balloons.
She says she knows there is always a chance of getting raped whenever she’s at home as a couple of grown men have tried to force themselves her.
“One man also tried to force himself on me when he came into the house and my mother was not in. He, somehow, got inside and woke me up and started to ask me questions about my mother’s whereabouts,” says the teenager.
She said the man then sat on her mattress and asked her to put her hand into his pants.
The man, the teen said, started to threaten her and grabbed her by the buttocks and started undoing his jeans buttons.
“I screamed and someone woke up from the main house, that is what scared him,” she says.
She said though she tried to stay in school, she found that her house is too dysfunctional to have an educational career in.
“I started hanging out with the wrong girls and started drinking. I got pregnant and made an abortion in December, while people where having fun I was going through that,” she says.
The abortion medicine, the teen said, comprised of a blend of hard liquor nicknamed “knockout” was administered by a friend.
“It was all this hot stuff mixed together turning into some kind of poison. It only works in the early weeks of your pregnancy. I took it and I was knocked out and the next morning there was blood, and it was over. It made me sick for up to four days,” she said.
She says she has never known her father and her relatives from the main house try but the support is limited.
“They have children of their own and my mother spends the money on alcohol most of the times,” she says.
Her mother, whose name is withheld, was drunk at the time of being approached for a comment.
“Fuck off, stay away from my child and if I see you here again you are a dead male (sic), I will cut your balls off,” she yells, threatening to smash the car’s windows.
She whisked her daughter by the arm and went back into the house amidst profanities.
The wife of the owner of the house, Mary Swartz, has a moment to talk. “She’s my cousin and she lives at the back of our house with her daughter. Of course, we try to help the daughter out, but it is always never enough. She has a problem with alcohol and I just fear the worst for the little girl” says Swartz.