Painted lives

lives, events and emotions have been captured on canvas, melted into sculptures and moulded into artistic figures.
The National Art Gallery of Namibia’s upper gallery has a collection featuring garments, paintings, sketches and cut-out metal plates.
The exhibition is for those who like their art collections featuring a variety of fine art.
A wire mannequin greets you as you enter the room. It’s dressed in fine garments made from odelela material. The top is a strapless peplum top, with a satin black skirt to go along with it. Also attached to the outfit is a big clutch.
My favourite painting does not say much. You might interpret it as a cloudy sunset but to me it looked like the planet mars emerging from behind the Milky Way which gives it a bloody sky.
You would admire the energy and creativity put in the first painting on the wall. Colourful beads have been pasted on a board making it look like a galaxy made of smarties from a distance.
The material onto which the beads have been pasted is Dutch wax with American flag colours.
Another creative making is what I call the Hand of God which is made from white clay, pieces of rope, stones as well as different materials.
Those unappreciative of art might think of the hand as a book holder.
The gallery has a beautiful painting of dunes in the Namib Desert at sunset. The dunes are red; their beauty overflows. There is no animals in sight just plants.
There is also a disgusting cream coloured art work on the wall. It looks like what would be left after the birth of a calf. Dried and then decorated with little white stones, it’s something for those that collect weird art.
You then have your ordinary work made from plastics and wires as well as cut-out metal plates.
Metal plates were used to make dead trees. Hand-bags made from knitted plastics are featured as well as necklaces from twisted wires and beads.