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Baby dies while mom had sex

Sun, 20 January 2013 19:08
by Chelsea Karamata

sackeus Iiyambo (31) told Okahao Police last week that a drunken sexual encounter between his ex-girlfriend and babe-mother, Helena Itepu (28) and her lover killed his 9-month baby.
Iiyambo said Itepu went out drinking with friends at a nearby village and hooked up with a man whose name is known to the police.
He also said Itepu had the baby on her back all the time until they decided to walk back home.
“I don’t know the man but am told he is from a village not far from ours,” said Iiyambo.
He said while on their way home, things heated up between Itepu and the man who then stopped to have sex.
The rest of the group, Iiyambo said, walked on when the two stopped to have sex.
“One of the friends told the elders that they had sex with the baby still on her back because they could hear the baby crying,” he said.
Iiyambo said at some point the cries were subdued and when Itepu got home that night, she told her parents that the baby was not breathing.
“I live a few houses from their house. They ran to wake her uncle up to drive them to the hospital,” he said.
This was, Iiyambo said, just a desperate move, since at this point, it was clear the baby had died.
Itepu’s uncle, Ronata Weyulu, denied the claims that the baby died from suffocation while on her mother’s back during a sexual encounter.
“That is definitely not true and you need to go to the police where the matter has been reported to get the full story. I know the baby’s father is going through a difficult time but making such claims is just not acceptable. I think we should wait for the law to determine what really happened,” said Weyulu.
According to a police source, in her report to the police, Itepu claimed that the baby fell from her back while on her way back from a nearby village.
However, this claim was fiercely rejected by the late baby’s father who swore he will see to it that justice prevails.
“I’m aware of the statement she gave to the police and it is rubbish. One of the girls who was there is a relative to me. She knows exactly what happened and she will talk. I will hunt that man down myself if that is what it takes,” said Iiyambo.
The detective on the case, Constable Thomas Nuyoma said the details on the case are sketchy in the absence of a post mortem report and as a result no arrest had been made yet.
“The report we got is too complicated and we have to determine what exactly killed the baby before we could even think about making an arrest.
“Yes, we have a culpable homicide case opened against Helena Itepu and the man she was with. It’s too early to determine, but my chief in a few days we will be able to give you some information,” said Constable Nuyoma.