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Interpack expands Namibian market, Red Bull gets fruity

Sun, 20 January 2013 18:38
by Jemima Beukes

Interpack Namibia, a leading distributing agent for international brands and local juice manufacturer has promised a big roll out to introduce Red Bull flavoured energy drinks in March this year.
Interpack Marketing Executive Nadja Heger  said Red Bull consumers will now have the chance to have their favourite energy drink in three different flavours.
 “Red Bull is introducing the Cranberry, Lime and Blueberry flavours , we should be stocking these products by March or April this year”, she said adding that the move is mainly an add-on of products to kill the competition in the market.
Over the years energy drink Red Bull faced competition from upcoming brands, most of them who made the competition stiffer because of their numerous flavours.
Expect to find cranberry-flavored Red Bull in bright red cans, blueberry in blue cans and a lime-flavored beverage in silver cans.

It’s the first time the Austria-based beverage company has altered its signature flavour.
Latest Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Red Bull still leads Monster — its nearest competitor in the energy drinks category.
But with the market for energy drinks growing rapidly, adding new flavors is a natural next step for the Red Bull brand to expand its consumer base.
Interpack which was started in 1994 as a small fruit juice packaging company with its first plant in Katima Mulilo has gradually grown and expanded to become one of the leading distributing agents and juice producer in Namibia, hence the new Red Bull move is a good sign for Interpack’s expansion in 2013.
The company which started with 13 employees now has now grown to employ around 120 employees while producing the Tropizone and Vita Juice beverage brands.
“The demand for our own locally made products, Vita Juice and Tropizone has been tremendous. It is fair to say our juices are well received, sometimes we cannot keep up with the demand ,” said Heger.
Tropizone and Vita Juices consist of 100% pure fruit juices, dairy blend fruit juices, nectars, mineral water and soft drinks.
 “Our unique fruit juice ranges were developed especially for Interpack by a dedicated team of beverage technologists with one objective, exceptional taste, quality and nutrition,” Heger said.
She credits the competition in the market and says the current positive growth is a result of the numerous challenges and stiff competition the company had to weather as an emerging business over the years.
“Opposition is good in any market. It keeps us on our feet and we are now proud to say we are the market leader with diary products.”