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Woman irons boyfriendÔÇÖs private parts

Sun, 16 December 2012 19:11
by Chelsea Karamata

nicanor Motolonyane (37) is in Gobabis State Hospital after his girlfriend; Babitjie Murangi (30) ironed his loins for cheating last week.
According Motolonyane, he was fast asleep when his phone, which he had left on the charger in the living room, started ringing.
“I don’t really remember much because I was a bit drunk. I think I remember hearing my girlfriend arguing on the phone with someone but I was really too drunk to pay attention,” he said.
Motolonyane said he jumped to his feet from the bed after feeling what felt like his private parts roasting on an open fire.
“I jumped to my feet screaming while she stood there with a hot iron in her hand. That is when I realised what was going on. I could see my burnt skin on the iron,” Motolonyane said.
He said he kept on screaming for help until his younger cousin came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital.
“The area where I grow my pubic hair was burnt. I will never grow any pubic hair again the doctor told me,” Motolonyane explained.
When reached for comment, it was evident that Murangi still had anger. After some profanities in Afrikaans, she agreed to calm down and speak.
“I got angry because the girlfriend started insulted insulting me when I said he was asleep. She insisted that she wanted to talk to him because she was seven months pregnant and that is what made me angry,” said Murangi.
She said she tried to confront Motolonyane but he ignored by pretending to be fast asleep.
“I was very angry because of that and I took the iron to show him what lying men deserve,” said Murangi.
She said she does not regret what she did because Motolonyane had promised never to lie to her ever again.
“When I left him last year, he went over to my parents’ house to beg me to move back in with him. I warned him that I’d hurt him if he ever lies again and he promised he would never,” Murangi said.
Motolonyane confirmed that there was another woman at Buite Pos, some few kilometres from Gobabis and that she was pregnant.
He said he was waiting for the right time to tell his girlfriend and his family about it when the ironing happened.
“Yes, there is another woman and she is pregnant. All I know is that she’s due to give birth in a few months from now. I was waiting for the right time to tell them, but it is never easy, I guess I waited too long,” said Motolonyane.
He said he will not be pressing charges with the police against Murangi and will be able to forgive her only if she chooses to stay with him when he completely heals.
Murangi however said she has had enough was in the process of moving back to her parents’ house at the time of going to press.
“I’m done with him. I’m going back to my parent’s house. It’s over between us and I’m just glad that we don’t have a kid together. I hope he heals well so he can go and continue his love with her because I’m busy putting my stuff together right now and leave,” said Murangi.
Motolonyane said there was no internal damage and was able to use his manhood to relieve himself.