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Festive season hugs

Sun, 16 December 2012 18:26
by Villager Writer

The Villager would like to hug you all for the support you gave us throughout the year.
To our friends – Facebook-likers and twitter-links – we have a million hugs and a billion kisses for you this festive season.
You made us real, alive, throbbing, exciting and experimental.
Your debates on our stories on twitter and Facebook gave us the joy and strength to forge ahead.
It was also because of you that we became the first weekly in Namibia to offer an online breaking news service on our website
Through your support and love for news, the online service has changed news delivery in the country beating even radio and TV stations. There were times too when social networks too used our breaking news online service.
Although our mailing list has bulged to 31 000 recipients of online breaking news and the work-load increased, our hearts overflow with joy for being at your service.
We promise that next year will be better in terms of news delivery and we know this is very possible with your support.
To those who thumped us down every time we hit the street, we also have a 10 million hugs for them.
We believe that the world does not revolve on love only but hatred too; that relationships are not about likes but also dislikes. As long as those who do not like us have respect for us, we will also have respect for them.
One thing for certain is that we share the same country and as such, we should co-exist whether we are friends or enemies.
Our hope, however, is that the negative energy in those who dislike us will be turned into positive vibes next year for the sake of serving the nation well.
We also hope that our ‘dislikers’ will not remain in denial that they belong to the village and one day when the city spits them, they will pack their bags and come back home for the village does not throw out its own.
To The Villager kids – Linekela Halwoodi, Monica Pinias, Tirivangani Masawi, Jemima Beukes, Honorine Kaze, Chris-Paul, Roswitha Shuumbwa, Wesley Urassa, who have kept the nation informed, entertained, angry and sad as well as in stitches of laughter – we are short of words.
Our only hope is that you will not grow to be lazy and useless journalists next year who scan the net for information.
Our columnists – the much-loved Village Vet; the respected Walter Barth; the man who is loved to be hated Job Amupanda; the advisor Emma; the level-headed Herbert Jauch; businessman Mr T; new-comer Tonata Angombe; the prodigal son Jeremiah Ndjoze and several others who have contributed to our 2012 success – we wish you more wisdom and strength to hang out with us next year.
To our traditional advertisers – Agribank, Standard Bank, Nampro, MTC, Namport, Namcol as well as RunWay, SterKinekor – may you blest with more to keep our relationship warm next year.
We also do not forget government officials who were more than ready to trust us with information.
Indeed, we are proud to say that we never had any problem in approaching any of you even when some of you were out of town or country. You made yourself available.
Once again, The Villager and its sister magazine, Prime Focus wish you all a safe and merry Christmas. Please drive carefully on the roads because we need you next year and forever.