Step-mom forces kid to eat toothpaste

selma Haindongo (35) was arrested and released last week in Oshakati for forcing her step son (8) to eat toothpaste after the boy stole sugar.  
The boy, according to investigating officer, Salomon Iiyambo, ended in the hospital after massive vomiting and a fever.
“From the report we have here it shows that the boy stole some sugar which he put in his pocket to eat. As punishment for stealing the sugar, the step-mother forced him to eat toothpaste,” said the officer.
He said the boy fell ill and the father took him to the hospital after the mother had refused to do so. “This is a woman with a serious problem. Even after causing the kid’s sickness, she refused to take him to the hospital. She only called her husband to come and do it.
“The boy told his father what had happened. I understand there was a serious argument that almost resulted in a physical fight. That’s how we got called in,” the officer said. He said the boy’s father had opened a case but chose to withdraw it opting to handle the matter at home with his wife.
“There is not much we can do right now because the case has been withdrawn but I think that the woman has some mental issues. She needs help,” he added.
The boy’s father, Martin Haindongo, said he is handling the matter and his son is still quite sick. “My son is sick and the issue with my wife is being taken care of. To this point, I still don’t know what her reason was but everything will be clear soon when the boy feels better again,” he said.
The boy’s mother, Penehafo Ambondo, who is based in Windhoek, was enraged.  “She wanted to kill my son. That woman is evil. What is the justification for her actions?” she raged. Ambondo said the woman broke the boy’s arm before and claimed that it was an accident.  “When she broke my son’s arm last year, they both claimed it was an accident. Is this also an accident? She has no kids and doesn’t know the value of having a kid,” argued. Ambondo said vowing to get back her son.  
Selma said she was not interested in talking about the case. “What do you want me to say? Please don’t bother me again. I’m just not interested in having this conversation with you,” she said and hung up.
Haindongo defended his wife saying that she does not have mental problems. “It was an accident. All she did was try to teach the boy how to ride a bike. It’s not fair to say she’s mental problems. She just made a mistake. She’s human and she’s my wife.”