No mahala chopping In Windhoek

a Namibian businessman had a rude awakening when he befriended a decent looking woman at the old Chez Ntemba night club.
The businessman who does not want to be named says he spent the night drinking and talking to the woman whose name he never bothered to ask.
“After a week of communicating, she finally came over to my lodgings and we bedded. All along I thought that we had agreed and were in some kind of relationship,” he explained adding that he was surprised when she demanded payment.
“When I declined,” he said, “the woman threatened to call a pimp to deal with me.”
But when he stood his grounds, the woman took out a notepad that had a long list of names ostensibly of clients who chop on credit or were caught unaware like him and wrote his name down.
The woman also revealed the names of the other women who operate the way she does.