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Dad sodomises 14-year old daughter

Sun, 21 October 2012 22:10
by Chris-Paul

while other children cannot wait to see their fathers at Christmas when they visit, a 14-year old Katutura girl from Damara Location dreads her father’s coming because she says he sodomises her.
The girl whose name has been withheld says her father (known to V-Metro) who works at Cattle Bank Farm has been raping her every time he comes for Christmas holidays since she was 11 years.
Now a drop-out from I.A. Steenkamp Primary School in Katutura, the teen who drinks and smokes says her father first raped her when her mother had gone shopping.
“When my mother went to Shoprite, we were home alone and he started touching me. He took me to his bed and started raping me and it was very sore,” she says adding that he also sodomises her.
She says is too scared to tell her mother because he threatened to kill her if she ever did.
“He enjoys having sex with me through the anus and said he’d kill me if I told my mother. I’m too scared to tell anyone,” she says.
She dropped out of school three years ago and did not know how to deal with her ordeal rather than turn to alcohol and cigarettes
She says he last raped her last December and she’s sure that he will do it again when he’s back home this coming December.
She recently confided her ordeal to a friend and former classmate who lives a few houses from hers.
The friend had persistently asked what was wrong with her.
“I kept asking what was wrong with her every time. I knew that something was seriously wrong. She used to be a vivacious girl and then she started acting strange and eventually dropped out of school,” the Grade 12 friend (name withheld) says.
“I have known her for years and I watched her get off track, but I never understood why until she told me what her father has been doing to her,” the friend says.
She says her household looks too dysfunctional to raise a school going in.
“It all makes sense now but she refuses to tell her mother or anyone who can offer help,” says Kalomo.
The minor says she’d rather die than have the police or anyone confront her father.
“I don’t want you to talk to my mother about it and I know one day it will be over.”