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Woman poisons infertile husband

Sun, 21 October 2012 22:09
by Chris-Paul

Jeremiah Joseph (38) says his wife, Katrina Joseph (35), tried to poison him last week in their Otjiwarongo home for being barren.
He says she wants him dead so that she can move in with another man, Jason Nkemba, who can give her babies.
Katrina, with whom he has been together for three years, he says, had brought some poisoned juice home from a friend and mixed it with the orange juice that was in the fridge.
When he got home from work, Joseph narrates, he gulped the poisoned juice. A few minutes later, he found himself in the hospital fighting for his life.
“After drinking the juice, I went into the bedroom to rest a bit. As soon as I closed my eyes, I started feeling dizzy and nauseous.
“Before I knew it, I had trouble breathing. I then called on my wife but she was nowhere to be seen,” recounts Joseph.
Realising his wife was missing, he decided to crawl out of the house since he had abdominal pain and could not walk.
The tenant with whom he shares the house noticed him writhing in pain on the ground and rushed him to the nearest hospital.
“My wife was not home at that time. She obviously wanted me to die by myself. The guy who rents at my house found me outside and drove me to the hospital where I stayed for two days,” he says, adding, within the two days he spent in the hospital, Katrina did not bother to visit him.
“She was obviously spending time with Jason and praying that I die. I don’t think she loves me anymore. She’s trying to kill me so that she can go to Jason. I know she has been seeing him. Her friend told me everything including the attempt on my life, all being caused by the fact that I’m unable to give her kids,” Joseph fumes.
Katrina, however, denies trying to get rid of her husband by poisoning him so as to have babies with Jason.
She concedes, though, that her husband’s impotency is the reason for her unhappiness in their marriage.
“I did not poison him and I don’t have a reason to. If I didn’t want him like many people believe, I’d just leave him. Yes, the fact that he’s not able to give me kids is a problem but it wouldn’t make me kill him!” She exclaims.
She, however, refuses to explain where she was within the two days her husband was in the hospital.
Jeremiah says he’s waiting for test results from the doctor before he thinks about opening a case against his wife.