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He makes kamborotos tasty

Sun, 21 October 2012 21:08
by Business Writer

While other struggle children are fighting Government over jobs, Werner Nhitwamata Alweendo Shilongo is busy making tasty kamborotos.
Shilongo (30), known as‘Tate Kamboroto’ operates from  Hakahana Service Station in Katutura where he says his clientele-base has been growing well.
Tasty Kamborotos are an assortment of muffins and fat cooks that all have their own shapes and flavours.
Shilongo says he came up with the name for marketing purposes.
“I started my business by only baking muffins but realised I needed to diversify my talent into other products that were not on the market. With that, I called my cookies ‘tasty kamborotos’, because I knew it would get people curious to know what my products were about,” he says.
Shilongo stresses that his tasty kamboroto cookies contain all the necessary healthy ingredients, such as eggs, condensed milk and some secret food ingredients that make them stand out.
He does not want to reveal the other ingredients.
Born in exile in Kwanza-Sul in Angola, Shilongo came to Namibia in 1990 but unlike other children who were born during the liberation struggle, Shilongo refuses to wait for Government handouts but rather make it on his own sweat for a better life.
“One must learn to depend on themselves and realise that the Government cannot always provide for everybody. I, for one, trust in the wisdom and strength from God in order to make it on my own and excel in what I do. I am a bread winner and have family responsibilities,” he says.
Shilongo has worked as a chef in various hotels and restaurants including Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino, Thüringerhof Hotel, Tule Hotel and Sardinia Restaurant.
He gained experience in culinary skills on how to bake, cook intercontinental dishes (French, Italian), pizzas and even how to prepare homemade ice cream.
His love for cooking started way back when he used to watch his mom cook and would even help her prepare some foods. Later on, he would learn more through food magazines and TV channels such as the BBC Food channel.
“My love for cooking led to criticism and ridicule from some of my male friends who would say that the kitchen belongs to women only. However, I feel that everyone is entitled to do what they love,” Shilongo emphasises.
Currently, Shilongo has two employees who help him sell his N$2 cookies. He says he sells at least 10 buckets containing between 50 and 100 cookies every morning.
His future plans include growing his bakery business and then upgrading it to a restaurant where he could explore more culinary skills.