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Thieving DJ invades Unam Radio

Sun, 14 October 2012 21:20
by Monica Pinias

Ex-Unam Radio presenter, Kemah, left the station after ‘taking’ jewelry which she later returned.
The jewelry, valued at N$500, belongs to fellow DJ Denzel Naobeb’s girlfriend.
Unam Radio Station manager, Lot Ndamanomhata, confirmed that Kemah left in a huff after ‘taking’ Denzel’s jewelry.
“I don’t know why she left. When she left, I was not in the country,” Lot says although he revealed that Kemah paid back, through him, N$200 instead of N$500 on his return.
Denzel says Kemah took the jewelry from his girlfriend, Sonia, ostensibly to sell it on her behalf.
But, Denzel says, Kemah never showed up after the agreed time either to return the money or the jewelry but instead she changed her phone number and blocked them both from Facebook.
Denzel also says Kemah ‘has a bad habit of taking what is not hers especially when nobody is watching’.
He further says that when Kemah started working at the station, they started experiencing office equipment such as USBs and headphones.
 Denzel, who does not make it a secret that he despises Kemah also says, “She left because of her inconsistency and lack of music variety. Kemah is notorious for playing Exit and Mushe and all sorts of Wambo music throughout her shows,” he says.
He adds: “I told the rest of the DJs at Unam Radio that Kemah is a fraud and that I will not be held accountable for what I might do to her if I do indeed find her.”
After this threat, Denzel says, Lot brought him N$200 and some earrings worth N$50.
“But it’s all good. We threw that shit away because witchcraft is rife,” said an angry Denzel.
Kemah admitted that she took the jewelry but returned through Lot. “I do not know what Denzel’s problem is?” Kemah says. “I gave those people all their things. I even gave him (Denzel) his money.”
Meanwhile, Denzel is saying that Lot has threatened to fire him for bringing the story to the media.
“Every single word I say is the truth. The reason why Lot is shifting blame is that the story might expose his bullshitting at the office,” Denzel says in an SMS.