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Woman accuses bishop of seduction

Sun, 14 October 2012 21:19
by Memory Tjimbundu

A woman who sought prayers from the archbishop and founder of the St Aron Apostolic Church, Romanus Mbingeneko, is accusing him of trying to rape her.
Venessa Kambaeku (29) told the V-Metro that she had attended the church for the first time last Sunday and was asked to stay behind by the archbishop ostensibly for prayers and healing.
The archbishop has denied the claims saying that there are jealous people in the church who are using Venessa.
But she insists that indeed the archbishop asked her to stay behind saying he had seen a dark crowd.
“When I entered the church, he kept looking at me funny and couldn’t stop complementing me. Later, he started acting as if he was possessed, making loud hilarious sounds, claiming that I was surrounded by a dark cloud and if I was not delivered that day, I would never be. So he asked me to remain behind after the service,” narrates Vanessa.
She says she remained behind because she believed in what the bishop had said; “I was seriously hungry for the word of God since it was my first time attending church this year. I was also facing some challenges and believed I’d find help in prayer. That is why I stayed behind.”
The service ended at 18h00 and everyone went home except Venessa and the bishop.
The bishop then prepared a mixture of water, milk, ashes and salt in a basin.
“I wondered worriedly what was going to happen because it was starting to get dark. He grew so silent while doing his things very slowly as if we had all night. He lit seven candles, switched the lights off and asked me to bath myself with the concoction he had just prepared while he watched,” she adds.
She refused to obey the bishop and just stood there not knowing what to do. So the bishop started preaching emphasising how important it was for her to be delivered that very night, she relates.
“As he talked, he moved closer and closer to me and started touching me. I told him I didn’t like the way he was touching me. That’s when he said that since we were all adults, I must have sensed what he wanted from me. He tried convincing me saying that I would be favoured by the grace of God if had sex with a man of God. And that was the last straw. So I texted my friend to come and fetch me.
“It’s sad how nowadays pastors fake Christianity and use it to fulfil their fleshly desires. That’s why I always say it’s better to stay home, read your Bible and pray to God, because it is hard to trust these people.”
Venessa says that when she narrated her ordeal to some of the worshippers, they seemed indifferent to her claims saying that it wasn’t something to write home about.
Consequently, her attempt to get any other woman who has ever fallen victim of the bishop’s antics were in vain, because, according to her, they are scared of being victimised but admitted that it has happened before.
On his part, Mbingeneko acknowledges that he counselled Vanessa but denies all allegations made by her, claiming that there are church members who are jealous of him, thus want to tarnish his image, so they used Venessa.
St Aron is an Orthodox Church situated in Tjitemisa Street in Katutura.