Aune dumps Deal Done



Deal Done Record’s group - DD’s Finest - has just lost its third member, Aune, who recently quit citing offensive sexual advances from the record label owner, Antonio.
The only male member in the group, R.O.G, however, says that he advised Aune on several occasions to abandon what he terms as Aune’s relationship with Antonio when “it started getting out of hand” but she refused to heed his piece of advice.
According to him, the relationship was starting to be very unprofessional, so he concluded that Aune must have been enjoying that “extra” attention she had been receiving from Antonio. R.O.G says the two would be so close that many at times, Guilty (the other female member of the group) would complain about feeling left out.
The trio has been doing very well. Their hit track ‘Holike Wange’ has been a constant radio hit.
Contradicting R.O.G.’s sentiments, Guilty says; “Aune was not at all honest with the management and with the group; she told Carlos and I that she would quit, concentrating on her schoolwork and her personal life but the next thing we knew, she started telling the media that the reason for her departure was because Antonio sexual harassed her. That’s a lie!”
Antonio, however, has expressed his disappointment in Aune and her decision not only to break up with the group but to also tarnish his name with her allegations; “It’s sad but the show must go on, DD’s Finest will continue.”
Antonio says that Aune signed a contract with them that only expires at the end of May next year. But rumour has it that she has already signed under another record label as a solo artist; a move Antonio says is a breach of the contract that states that she cannot record under any other record label before the contract expires without the authorisation of Deal Done’s management.
According to Antonio, he has full rights to take the matter to court but will not because he does not want to hurt her or the people around her.
Aune is pretty indifferent to the rumour of her going solo though; “I don’t care what they say as long as I know why I left the group.”  
With Aune gone, Antonio is currently working on filling the gap she has left with a certain Kaya.