Fake hair, fake sisters!

black women have reached a level of fakeness like never before... they have so many fake things on them now you wouldn’t even know what is really theirs.
Fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake boobs and even fake asses! These are, according to women who are proudly black, normally fake women whose self-esteem and pride are at gutter level.
Today, I will focus more on fake hair. I know it’s a corny subject but I will give my extended views on the matter.
For many years now, I have been trying to understand the world of black hair. I have done my research and talked to all sorts of hair specialists. In the process, I have seen sodium hydroxide (in its rawest form) being put on the heads of four-year-old girls.
Seen black women pay thousands of dollars for hair and seen black women work hard to give other black women straight hair. On top of that, I have learnt that the black hair industry generates billions of dollars for Asia and South America.
It got me thinking of the phenomena of inferiority complex suffered by black people, in this case, black women. So black hair has become a huge business for a white man, thanks to black women and some men but I will come to the men’s part of the equation later.
Not only do we see it on the heads of prostitutes on the street corners but on many black professional women like lawyers, doctors, teachers and ministers. Black women value their fake hair almost the way they value their babies. While it’s no secret that salons and barbershops are owned by blacks who provide thousands of men and women across the continent with jobs, feed black babies and send thousands of black learners to college, the big-hair business like manufacturing and distribution is not in black hands.
It’s owned by white people who have made us hate ourselves and love everything white. The weave business is where the money is, even with synthetic hair, which is very common among African women.
Black or African hair is apparently not beautiful, so it doesn’t sell. Hair retailers owned by Asians and white folks (and sometimes even black folks) do not sell it because it’s not fashionable. Why? Because black women don’t like their own hair, they are not proud to have it on their heads. Just like the white man (William Lynch) once said the light-in-complexion persons among blacks are the smartest and most beautiful, so it’s supposed to be among black women.
We’ve been made to believe the woman whose hair is straight among black women is the most beautiful and sadly, our women seem to believe it. European and Asian’s hair is the texture most black women want.
So selling hair to Indians, Brazilians and white people is like selling water to a fish, if you know what I mean. Black sisters try to justify the use of fake hair by saying God gave them the potential and creativity to do whatever they want with their hair, including cutting it short, being bald or wearing it long.
It really is in the lack of accepting who you are and thinking that wearing fake hair and being manipulated by the imperialists makes you a better woman. The reason why hair is so important now is because your self-esteem is so wrapped up in it, even though the standards are unrealistic and unattainable for you (black women).
Just like with slave names, there is so much pressure for black women to straighten their hair; it apparently looks professional and beautiful that way. Before you think that this problem is entirely the fault of black women, you have stupid black men who believe that when a woman’s hair is not straight, it reflects negatively on them. So they encourage their women into weaving, plaiting and braiding. If a woman is able to fake her hair and orgasm, just imagine just what she could do to the paternity of a pregnancy.