Describing a certain female



a woman can both be a sister or a bitch and while all men are typically the same, women differ drastically in their mannerisms and the way they carry themselves in society.
Today, I will be describing the different types of women out there. There are only two kinds of women out there; there are good women (the ones we call ‘sisters’) and there are those that are a totally the opposite. I won’t use the ‘W’ word, so we shall be polite and call them bitches. For instance, both sisters and bitches hang out at night.
While bitches do it very often, sisters go clubbing once or twice a month or not even at all.
Bitches drink hard liquor and smoke cigarettes at the club, while sisters will have soft drinks or not more than three ciders. Sisters leave the club before 12h00 because nothing good happens after that time. Bitches will stay till the wee hours of the morning, doing raunchy routines on the dance floor, meeting and giving their numbers to different guys.
Pay attention, fellas, because this is how you get to know whether you are with a good girl or not - most sisters are independent women who know how to work hard, while bitches are females who know just how to work your nerves hard. Sisters know how to use their heads wisely, bitches might use their heads, well, when ‘giving head’, but they are the ones who would give you headaches afterwards. Sisters are always in one relationship, while bitches are always in multiple romance bonds, which you all know. While sisters take good care of their bodies, bitches tattoo their backs and pierce their tongues and elsewhere.  
Women’s dress codes say a lot about them, plus, the way they talk and walk. Bitches like to dress skimpily and provocatively and they have all the excuses for it. They say things like, “I wear whatever I feel comfortable in and it’s an expression of self-confidence”. Well, truth is a woman who feels comfortable and derives self-confidence from provocative attires is a bitch. How do you show too much flesh and expect to get respect from people?
Bitches can go from being gracious and courteous to being loud and obnoxious in seconds. While both women like to send text messages, bitches are lightning fast at it; they can send a text in seconds with one hand while jerking a man off with the other. Women who drink at places like Eveline Street are bitches and they take pride in sitting in the passenger’s seat of a hot ride while sisters don’t.
Sisters are elegant women whom in most cases, drive their own cars, spend their own money and can cook a good meal. Good girls loosen a few buttons when it’s hot while bad girls make it hot by loosening a few buttons.
Sisters wear panties under their jeans, bad girls don’t wear any. While sisters respect your friends, bitches don’t give a rat; they want to chop you and your friends.
Someone once asked me why a man’s life is like a penis. The answer is simple, because bad women make it hard! Now I ask you to ask yourself this question: What do bitches and condoms have in common? And again, the answer is simple; if they’re not on your penis, then the only other place you can find them is your wallet.
The first thing bitches look for in a man is his money and looks, while sisters look for the right personality and traits. Sisters make love while bitches just want to f***, they give up the ass and do it backwards. Unless you date a man for his own merit, not for what he drives, wears or the way he draws leverage, you are not a sister.
I’m not trying to disrespect the women; women themselves know that they belong to one of these two groups. Class dismissed!