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Runaway bride

by Chris-Paul


When her boyfriend of two years planned a small wedding, Marlene Kauana packed her stuff secretly and fled their Otjiwarongo home four days before taking vows at the town’s magistrate court.
The boyfriend, Martin Sibeso, is still searching for Marlene who is believed to be back in Keetmanshoop with her family.
Her friend, Emilie Garoses, confirmed that Marlene had confided in her that she was not happy with the small wedding Sibeso had planned.
Narrating the events leading to Marlene’s flee, Sibeso said he came back from work and found out that she was not in their Oretoveni home where they had co-habited for more than two years.
“At first, I thought she was staying late at her friend’s and that she’d be home in a few minutes,” he related.
Sibeso further said that when she did not return, he called her friend Emilie who told him that Marlene had slept at her place.
“Emelie said she had spent the night at her place with some of her stuff and was planning to go down south.
“That is when I realised that some of her clothes and shoes were missing,” said Sibeso adding that he also called Marlene’s mother who denied any knowledge of her daughter’s whereabouts.
Sibeso proposed Marlene last year and had given him no reason to doubt her commitment to their relationship.
“Everything was fine. We had been discussing it for a long time and now my family and I do not know what to do.
“My family wants to call off the whole thing, but I want to give her time to find herself. She needs time to make up her mind,” the hopeful Sibeso said.
Although Sibeso said Marlene needed time to make up her mind, Emilie told V-Metro that her friend had already made up her mind about the whole wedding thing.
“We spoke about it a lot of times. It’s just that one day she would seem to be in it and out of it the next.
“To be honest, Marlene wanted a bigger wedding and did not want the small affair of close friends and family the Sibeso family had proposed,” said Emilie.
She also revealed that Marlene was alive and kicking in Keetmanshoop and the fact that she fled at a vital moment should speak volumes about her.
“She’s fine, that’s all you need to know and as far as the marriage is concerned, I don’t want to make a comment,” said Emilie.
Marlene’s mother refused to comment on the aborted wedding and the current whereabouts of her daughter.