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Swapo 2017: What Have They Done This is the second part in a series where The Villager will analyse what each of 11 Swapo Party top four candid...

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How to attract lots of money

by Mr. T


There are spiritual laws that work on earth and they are called Universal Laws.
There are about 11 but the ones that you should be concerned with are; the law of attraction and the law of compensation.
When you understand these two laws and practice the principles that go with them, you would be able to attract lots of money in your life endlessly.
Please, don’t be discouraged if they sound a bit technical, they are very easy laws to understand and follow.
Let us first deal with the law of attraction, which states that you attract to yourself, people, circumstances and events that coincide with your most prominent thoughts.
How that applies to what you are reading in this article is that, since you wish to attract lots of money, all you have to do is always think of yourself as having lots of money and you would attract just that; it is that easy.
Of course, you would not wake up to find briefcases of money beside your bed, no, but not too far from it.
What happens is that, since you attract what you think about the most, and then you would have to think about yourself as having a lot of money.
According to this law, you attract people, events or circumstances that would help in the materialisation of your thoughts.
For example, you may get an inheritance; a new job with lots of advantages or win a lottery. I can go on and on but just know that the money would eventually get to you one way or the other.
The second thing to understand is the law of compensation, which states that we are compensated for all our deeds. So if you do a bad deed, you get back just that and if you do a good deed, you get back 10 times what you put out there.
This is the main secret but you need the first system of attracting lots of money (the law of attraction), so as to channel out the one you receive and you can then attract lots and lots more.
You need to have one thing in mind, though; these laws never fail. Every time you punch 2 x 2 on your calculator, it always gives you 4; that is how these laws are.
They are that precise and work all the time. So what you would do at first is; before you sleep every night and just as you awake, visualise yourself with lots of money, living a fabulous lifestyle.
One thing you should know is that for the law to work, you have to believe it would work, so there should never be any room for doubt.
I hope I am not sounding too religious here. You have to make your visualisations feel as real as possible. Also, carry them out during the day anytime you are less busy.
The time will come when you would start attracting lots of money and the next thing you will do is to find a way to give it out, on a continuous basis.
Should you get greedy and hold on to the whole lot, you would be breaking the formula. So, give to the less privileged, give to your church, your mom; give to whomever you feel would appreciate the amount you are giving and I guarantee you would keep attracting lots of money for the rest of your life.