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Zambian witchdoctor ÔÇÿkillsÔÇÖ 3 Rundu witches

by Chris-Paul

katjinakatji Village, south of Rundu town, sought the help of a Zambian witch doctor to solve the mysterious deaths of three youths who died in April and May this year.
The Zambian witchdoctor, Benson Mwila, visited the village towards the end of May and held secret meetings with the bereaved families.
Within three weeks in June, three elderly women had died mysteriously.
One of the women is a 71-year old who had been suspected of bewitching the youths.
Although Mwila, who is based in Katima Mulilo, confirmed that he was invited to Rundu after villagers had complained about mysterious deaths, he denied that his juju caused the deaths of the three women.
“My job was to try to find what the problem was, not to kill anyone because I’m unable to do that. I found what the problem was and part of fixing the problem was not to kill people. If you want to talk business call me, not this, “said Mwila and hung up.
Two village elders confirmed too that they sought Mwila’s help to solve the mysterious deaths.
Elias Siremo, a relative of one of the deceased youths said a number of families in the village had been disheartened over the suspicious deaths and they sought Mwila’s help.
Siremo said he believed the witchdoctor’s muti worked as it led to the demise of the women fingered in a space of three weeks in June.
“It was a secret meeting between our family and the other families affected. We decided to bring a witchdoctor to come investigate the causes.
“The issue of witchcraft has been a problem for a long time in this village. Now we are convinced things will change for the better” said Siremo.  
The youths who died - three males and a female – suffered from the same ailments.  
“Whomever was part of the mysterious deaths started getting sick themselves. In a space of three weeks, three of them had died,” said Siremo.
One of the women identified as one of the witches by the witchdoctor, Amalia Ndambu Nekongo, 71, died a strange death, Siremo said.
“Half her body was paralysed from the waist down,” said Siremo.
Another elder, Sackeus Mbamba, said he’s aware of the story but people are not expected to talk about it freely.
“Now you are asking me something that may land me deep trouble. That issue is very sensitive in this village and people are only speaking about it in whispers around here. I can’t tell you if this man really killed the women, but that is what some people are saying,” said Mbamba.