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Political Cyberspace missing in our eldersÔÇÖ consciousness

by Job S. Amupanda



This column may attract interest from those who have made it their responsibility to stifle young people’s ideas.
At the end this columnist may be baptized a “reactionary” who needs ejection from the people’s organisation instantaneously. Telecommunication privileges may be victimised as ‘cadres’ communicate on the writings of the writer “reactionary.” The publisher of this paper, who has nothing to do with my writings, may be asked why his paper sustains this political columnist.
It may soon be asked who the parents of this columnist are. Those that love life may even start fearing for the life of this columnist. Decrees may be passed instructing institutions to ensure that this columnist never secure employment. Those that surround themselves with this columnist may soon meet eyes of scorn and condemnation. Those that stand opposed to the columnist, placing the stomach above principle, may soon obtain rewards. These are elements erected in our politics – politics that victimise the truth.
Be that as it may, we must still stand for the truth. Indeed, we must stand opposed to stagnation and juxtapose ourselves to the truth. Frantz Fanon, in his The Wretched of the Earth, remarks that “each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.”  
Political Science says truth is like cream in a glass of milk. No matter how much milk you pour in, cream will always surface on the very top.  
Bantu Steve Biko wants us to understand that “It becomes more necessary to see the truth as it is if you realise that the only vehicle for change are these people who have lost their personality.”  
This columnist is aware of a systematic attempt to silence the radical voice of reason in a capitalist state and banish the very ideas that deliver such posture. He finds solace in the words of Fanon that its either we fulfill our generational mission or betray it.
There has never been a revolution that did not have blood as fuel. That is why they always said “Aluta Continua – Victoria Acerta.” There need to be those that scarify for their generational mission. Peter Nanyemba, Hendrik Witbooi, Nehale lyaMpingana, Kakurukaze Mungunda, Tobias Hainyeko and many others sacrificed for their generational mission.
Our generational mission is economic freedom. We will champion that on our terms. This columnist stands ready to offer his life so that the youth can attain total economic freedom. Taking power, in its all facets, from the minority to the majority is the operative objective.
White economic dictatorship, in white supremacy, is therefore defined as the strategic enemy. Our own people that identify and sides with the enemy are to receive the same fate as that of the enemy. They too are our strategic enemy. Register that economic freedom is another battle front where there will be casualties. Siding with the oppressor in the name of reconciliation is to be done at your own peril.  
The truth must be spoken conspicuously, scrupulously and impenitently. That is for all matters including the observation that Political Cyberspace is missing in our elders’ consciousness - our concern today. Let’s explore this phenomenon, Political Cyberspace, briefly.
The thinking amongst us understand that political scientists carry the responsibility of helping society understand ideas, systems, concepts and institutions, among many, in public life. Political scientists are also expected, by their societies, to invent ideas for use and practice. I cannot escape this expectation too. I introduce Political Cyberspace.
Proceeding from a hope that you understand that ‘cyberspace’ can be understood as communication, in a non-physical environment that takes place as a result of a network of computers and other machines alike. When we add ‘political’ to make ‘Political Cyberspace’, we are talking about communication that takes place in cyberspace to advance a political agenda or consciousness.
The title informs us that Political Cyberspace is missing in the consciousness of our elders. This appears true. What are my indicators? You may wonder. To answer this question, we remind you of an occurrence in the people’s organisation when the leadership expressed displeasure with the use of the network called Facebook by its younger members to discuss party matters. The party went further, as we read, to forbid such discussions.
Cognisant of our conceptualisation of Political Cyberspace, lets problematise this issue. The 2001 Census result indicates that the youth forms majority in our nation. There are indications that preliminary results of the 2011 Census will uphold such state of affairs.  
Any political party ought to take Political Cyberspace seriously. Opinions about leadership, politics and society are more acute and informed from cyberspace. Many conscious youth form opinion and interpret events there. Cyberspace is a comfort zone for many. Networks like Facebook can be accessed in comfort of one’s bed. Influence, as a result of Political Cyberspace, is profound and endless. Not all youth attend political meetings/gatherings. In fact, majority of the youth stay away from such meetings. To them, such meetings cater for ego and heroism at the expense and indeed subordinating current challenges. While some youth are discouraged from capitalising on Political Cyberspace, those of other political formations continue to use Political Cyberspace unbound, unimpeded and unchallenged.
In fact, they have created many groups for mobilisation, rallying and convergence and conversion. The elders are not aware. Many of them are not there. Their view is formed from the information received from those seeking promotions and appointments. Most elders are Political Cyberspace unconscious. The advantages of Political Cyberspace to a political party and political strategist are lucid, unambiguous and gargantuan. It is really a lost opportunity that elders seem to be of a different view. But Frantz Fanon have a clear message for us; “each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it.”
Till second half – hear and be heard