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Namibian men on fashion

by Monica Pinias




Fashion has always been a feminine fascination but statistics from analysts at NDP Group Inc. show that now men are more into fashion and spending money on fashion-forward trends than women.
With sales of men’s clothing rising to 0.8% and women’s falling to 3.5%, it’s clear that men no longer hate shopping as much as they used to.
What gear comes to your mind at the thought of a Namibian man? Some will say a pair of All Stars and a pair of shorts. Others may say a suit while a few may say skinny jeans.
But it would probably vary from person to person due to differences in social class, professionalism and probably race.
“Many guys have lost the touch for swag; it has now become a thing of who wears the most expensive outfits. Some people don’t even look good in their expensive attires. Namibian men have now just become a bunch of show-offs,” says 22-year-old second year Polytechnic student and fashion lover, Rauha Erastus.
Question is, what does fashion really mean to a Namibian man? Is it about looking good, or rather about who wears the most expensive gear? One then asks, what happened to the ability to be true to oneself and to those around them and not being influenced by society and trends?
Labels such as Guess, Uzzi, Daniel Hector and CJ have become household brands, anybody that’s anyone wears them, even those who can’t afford them try by all means to get them; thanks to China Town, one cannot really differentiate from real to fake.
Wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a blazer and a shirt is currently known as the matured look, some call it classy while some think the look is too serious.
“I can never wear skinny jeans! They make one look so gay. I prefer wearing my Guess jeans and my Uzzi formal shirts. As long as I can afford it, then why not?” Expresses 24-year-old Media graduate from Polytechnic, Gerry Shiwetha.
Namibian model, Archie Kalipi, however fumes, “The thing with us Namibians is that we refuse to keep up with the rest of the world. When you wear a pair of skinny jeans, they (most Namibians) automatically conclude that you’re gay!”
It’s no secret that Namibian men are obsessed with looking good and it’s not just looking ordinarily good but looking good by spending a fortune.
The influence is high, every woman wants to have a good looking man by her side. Then there is the influence of wanting to look like Jay-Z or Will Smith...
Well, I say it’s good that our “boys” are up to date with fashion trends but let’s just hope they remain guys and not turn the love for fashion into gay trends.