Bra snatcher wanted

Police are after a man accused of bra snatching last year in Okahandja Park after he failed to appear in court last week.
Lista Siswana was arrested in December last year when he had a scuffle with a woman over a bra that he almost tore off her while assaulting her.
He managed to make his court appearances till February this year but then failed to make his last court appearance.
On 21 December 2011, an indecent of an assault case was opened against him after a woman reported him for trying to grab her breasts while in Okahandja Park. The woman managed to fight him off but then the struggle resulted in Siswana allegedly ripping off the woman’s bra.
He was arrested on that same day but was later released on condition that he wouldn’t interfere nor contact the complainant.
The case will continue as soon as Siswana has been tracked down or reports to the court.