Zimbo invasion in Damara Location




We here at V-Metro are increasingly getting concerned with our chief scooper and hooper, Chris-Paul’s pre-occupation with the size of the male genitals and what the female gender thinks about that.
We suspect that the pre-occupation might be a case of sour grape and have secretly sought the advice of shrinks in the know-how to come to the rescue of our homeboy.
So advice from the likes of Sis Dolly and Aunty Nangy is that it is not the size of the boat that matters but how you rock the ocean.
So Mr C-P, unless you believe religiously in the nonsense you are fed by Miss V (you-know-who-she-is), stop boring us with your ‘knee-grow size’ and zimbos being gifted fellas. The next time you get lucky, just concentrate on the job at hand and you might just realise that no matter the size of your feet or hands, it is indeed skill that wins at the end of the day.
After all, if you have the ability but do not know how to make use of the talent, that it is as good as you being dead!