Tequila shows us the power of money



Do you guys remember the Tequila we all used to know: That simple, down-to-earth Tura girl? The same girl you would see wearing some shiny shirts on Fridays and still see her in the same shirts the following day? The Tequila that would beg any journalist to write about her or do just as little as mention her name in a paper?
Well, turns out that that Tequila does not exist anymore. Today, you need a business card to see, talk and perhaps even touch Tequila.
So she must be putting her thousands of prize-won money to good use, I see.
Girlfriend hired herself a hardcore marketing manager and guess what, she is not black!
Girl, while you’re at it, you might as well hire yourself a stylist, my sister. Since you’re now some sort of Beyonce, you might as well look the part.