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Amazing kids... indeed!

by Villager Reporters



Emma Kakona, the founding member of Amazing Kids Private School was born with a passion for teaching and being a leader.
Her 18 years of experience as a teacher and her passion to do God’s work of helping others motivated her to start her own private school.
“With my zeal to work for God and the teaching experience gained in private and Government schools, my sound knowledge of the education system and the fact that I love challenges, it is my belief that I can make a positive contribution to the education system in Namibia,” she beams.
Kakona started off with an after-school care centre for school kids but with an increase in attendance, the idea of establishing a private school was soon born.
“From what started as a passionate vocation, the vision was developed and the idea of a school with a difference was conceived. From three learners attending the after-school vocation, the number grew to 54 over a period of four years,” she recalls.
Amazing Kids at the moment has 549 learners and the number is anticipated to grow to 1113 in 2013. Over the years, the school has risen through the ranks with quite a number of achievements.
Last year, the Ministry of Education awarded the school for achieving a 10% improvement in Grade 5 standardised tests in English and Mathematics. They also held their own award ceremony at the athletics zonal meetings when they came third out of nine high schools as first timers
Amazing Kids Private School is the biggest school in southern Africa in terms of one-to-one e-learning. Their petition to have grades 11 and 12 was also approved recently.
The school comprises of a pre-primary school for ages three to five; lower primary school from grades one to three; upper primary school from grades four to seven and a junior secondary phase. The introduction of grades 11 and 12 will be in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
With every success comes a challenge; lack of qualified Namibian committed Christian teachers have been one of the most disturbing challenges. Running costs are also extremely high and the lack of commitment from some parents has also proven to be a challenge.
Promoting a Christ-centred life and the development of a Christ-like character is among one of their visions. They also help prepare students for a successful life in this world and eternally.