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Rehoboth girl confesses to satanism

by Jemima Beukes


A 14-year old  Rehoboth girl, Anna* has confessed to practicing satanism and is now being counselled by a local pastor.
We met Anna in front of Dr Lemmer High School last week Wednesday while she was going to her grandmother’s house. She is a student at the M and K Gertze High School.
Her arms are covered from the wrist up scars she inflicted upon herself when she was depressed, and the fresher ones closer to the wrist for satanic rituals.
According to Anna, she was drawn to satanism because of Lady Gaga and horror movies. “For some reason I just became very interested in the pop singer Lady Gaga. I loved watching horror movies. I had a file where I put pictures of Lady Gaga and actors in horror movies. One of my teachers, Mr Van Wyk took the file and destroyed it,”
Surpringly, Anna was very calm and showed no remorse.
She told us that one of her friends Cornelia*, lured into the cult.
Cornelia is said to have offered her mother during a satanic ritual at their house where the girls drew a dragon on the floor, cut themselves on the arms and let their blood drip on the drawing.
Two days after the ritual, the accident involving a mini-bus from Windhoek enroute to Rehoboth and sedan car from the opposite direction occurred.
Anna says she did not want to be a satanist but her three friends – Cornelia, Josephina* and Maria* - talked her into it.
Cornelia, Anna and Josephina are from M and K Gertze while Maria is a Rehoboth High School learner.
“I didn’t want to do this but Cornelia asked me so nicely to practice satanism with her and called me to her house to create a satanic ritaul two days before the accident.
“We played a game called ‘summoning’ where we all drew a dragon and dripped our own blood on it after cutting ourselves. We called a demon,”  Anna said adding that she was just experimenting but her three friends were serious about the planned offering.
“While we played this game, we wanted to offer something but could not get so far because we could not find anything to offer. But the next week the principal Jacky Britz called me in and asked me whether I knew about Cornelia’s mother and about another girl who killed a cat.
“That was the first time I heard something about the offering. But then I heard it was Mary and and Cornelia together and then again that it was just Mary alone,” says Anna.
She says her mother was called to school after the incident and informed that the school had expelled was expelled from school.
“The principal referred me to Gospel Mission where I had to clock in every day at 08h00, and Pastor Brian (Philander) must give the principal feedback on my recovery,” Anna says.
Meanwhile, M and K principal  Jacky Britz denies having expelled any student from his school.
“This is all just nonsense. I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t even know what satanism is. Can you tell me what satanism is? Is it true that a person can offer another one,” he asks.
Cornelia has denied that she offered her mother but cast the blame on Anna, Josephina and Maria saying they wanted to lure her into the cult.
“I am not a satanist. I am going to church. I even tried to get Anna to stop these satanism business but she told me that she can’t have everything she wants if she follows Jesus and that she will get everything from satanism,” she said.
Cornelia also denies sacrificng her mother, “It is not the first time people are making up this rumour about me but I know that they are jealous. My friends Anna and Mary are the ones who are turning against me.”
About the sacrifice, Cornelia says it was Anna who wanted to sacrifice their neighbour’s cat but she stopped her.
“We stay in a flat. Anna wanted to take the cat of the people staying next to us. I told her to leave it. While we were walking, a dog ran past us and Anna suggested we offer the dog saying, I can just twist the head and he’d be dead.”
Pastor Philander, confirms that the girls were suspended temporary from their schools contraty to what one of the headmasters had said.
“The girls I am counseling are still in the first stages. What is concerning me is that they have done so much already. They have been initiated into the cult and renounced the power of God and formed a bloodbond with Satan. If they had at this stage only read up information, discussed and gathered it, it would have been less dangerous but they have done so much already and went deeper which makes it dangerous,” says Philander.
He adds that he doesn’t know whether the girl offered her mother since he has not met her yet but says he is certain such offerings can be done.
“Unfortunately it can be done, I, however, can’t say she did it but what is true is the fact that Satan will expect her to  sacrifice something that she treasures like a loved one and this is a rare reality,”  explains Philander adding that Cornelia, with her involvement in satanism, has opened the door for Satan who, in his true nature, will come to destroy and take on her family.
Pastor Philander says the only way parents can counter this is to make time for their children and attend church.
He, however, noted that unfortunately churches do not prepare the youth on issues like these.
Philander gave one of the girls the book of Mary Bacster – Hell to read as part of her counselling.
*not their real names*