Accused serial rapist faces judgement day


A Swakopmund man, Brendan van Wyk, who has been charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl and another woman, within five days of being released on bail for a separate rape charge, has over a month to return to court for his judgement.


When he appeared for his trial last week, his case was postponed to the 6th of March for Judgement.


Last year, November, he made startling accusations that his alleged victims had agreed to have sexual intercourse with him.


The 34-year-old has pleaded innocent on four counts of rape and another of attempting to defeat the course of justice or obstructing a member of the police from carrying out his or her duties.


His indictment says that he initially forced himself on a woman while in her flat in Mondesa on May the 4th, four years ago.


Allegations are that the complainant went out for drinks with friends that evening and the accused and his friend offered her and her friend a lift at around midnight that day.


 After they dropped the complainant off, the accused followed her to bring return a cellphone she forgot in the car. As she entered her flat, the accused managed to force his way into the flat then grabbed her, threw her onto her bed and threatened to stab her with a knife if she screamed.


He then proceeded to have unlawful sexual intercourse with her, the indictment reads.


In his defense, Van Wyk said the complainant had, in fact, invited him to her room after they were kissing and fondling each other during the car ride.


He alleged that after they were finished having sex, she hinted to him that she was expecting to be paid.


He further claimed that because he only had N$70 on him, the complainant was not pleased.


In the matter involving the teenage girl, he claimed that they were in a romantic relationship and that they had sex in the cemetery but stopped when she complained that she was in pain.