Commercial farmers looking forward to good rains


Despite a regional expert body warning of normal to below normal rainfall beginning of this year, the Namibia Agricultural Union has expressed that it is too early to predict but was confident that 2019 will be a rainy year.


“Rain is still on everybody’s lips. After the high expectations we had last year with regard to the rainy season, it seems as if some parts had good rainfalls, but that large parts still wait for the good rain. Fortunately, it is still early in the season and we trust that we will have an exceptional good rain year,” said the union.


The rainfall outlook for the region predicts that the January to March 2019 period will be normal to below normal rainfall for most of the region.


 The report affirms that northern Angola, central Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), south-western Tanzania, northern Malawi, and the islands states of Comoros, Mauritius, easternmost Madagascar, and Seychelles are likely to receive normal to above normal rainfall throughout the 2018/19 rainy season.


“Mean temperatures will be normal to above normal for most of the 2018/19 season over the entire SADC region except for Northeast of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), north-western Tanzania, extreme south of Mozambique, Eswatini, extreme east of South Africa, central South Africa, half north of Lesotho, Extreme southwest of Botswana, south of Namibia, northwest of South Africa with the likelihood of above normal temperature,” says the report.


Meanwhile, the NAU has announced that a new set of animal health regulations was announced on December 28, 2018.


This replaces the previous regulations of Government Gazette no 144 of 5 June 2013. It is recommended that producers familiarise themselves with these new regulations. During the year, the LPO will highlight its key aspects affecting the producer as well as its application.