Suzy, Elemotho gear up for Jazz-Fest


It’s all systems go for the Suzy Eises and Elemotho camps as supporters brace for the highly anticipated annual Windhoek jazz festival set to kick to life on Saturday next week.

Elemotho Mosimane hooked up with Vibe yesterday where he said he will also be featuring an acapella ensemble from the coast.

 Plus, playing alongside the svelte Jazz poster child, Eises and Liz Ehlers will likely turn the star-studded show into an early Christmas treat.

Given the lineup and rich musical experience of the performers, the Jazz fest may possibly go down as one of the best shows for this year.

“I have one surprise, I don’t want to let it out until the day, some people might know. Those that know will be shocked and those that don’t will get a glimpse of the magic,” he said.

At present, Elemotho is celebrated as the only local talent to win the RFI-France 24 Discoveries Award in 2012 amongst a list of more than 500 African, Indian and Pacific artists.

“I’m excited to be seeing local guys. It’s been a long winter, and being the annual event of the year, I feel like everybody should just come out,” he said.

He has performed with Eises in the United States lately and his latest offering, Beautiful World landed an award as the best world/global fusion album for 2017 in the United Kingdom.

 Meanwhile, Eises will be mounting the stage with a full band propped up by two international artists and an entire set of backing vocalists.

Speaking to Vibe, she said she will be dipping into her rich album which debuted this year as well as belt out some cover versions along the way.

“We’ve got a bigger band and its gonna sound amazing. I usually play covers which is not new in any Jazz festivals but will still play some popular covers. I think it’s going to be very special because there are a few songs people will know and I am trying my best to involve the audience. I don’t want to say too much but the audience is also going to be performers,” she said. 

For those still deciding on whether to go or not to go, both artists had something to say for them. 

“It’s a beautiful event, it’s safe, it’s secure and it has a reputation as being a top class. So it’s time for everybody to come to see both known and upcoming and new acts making waves. It’s profession and it’s a day out for everybody, people can come out with their kids and cooler boxes,” said Elemotho.


For Eises, if you love Jazz then come through.

 “If you don’t know Jazz then there is something deeper, especially about Jazz. It really speaks to your soul. We are not about pretending, or about what you wear and how much you know. It’s all about the heart.”


If this is what people go for, then they should definitely come, she added. 

The event line up will also include the Sigera jazz band, dynamic Namibian Afro jazz artist, Damas Fusion, songwriter, and guitarist Sidney Haufiku and international artist, Catarina Duarte who brings a multicultural selection of music.