Schlettwein approves N$95 million for Hosea Kutako

Finance minister Calle Schlettwein has authorised the payment of N$95 million for the procurement of goods and services needed for the upgrades of the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

This is above the threshold set at N$35 million for works procurement.

However, the minister granted exemption in terms of Section 4 (2) read with Section 8 (a) and 41 of the Public Procurement Act 2015 (Act 15 of 2015).


This was after the Namibia Airports Company had written to the finance ministry requesting for an exemption to invoke emergency procurement through direct procurement in terms of the Act.


In a letter dated 11 October 2018 seen by The Villager, the minister indicated that the monies should strictly be for “the urgent situation at the Hosea Kutako International Airport”.


The ministry’s Procurement Policy Unit also directed that NAC should not exceed its expenditure beyond the N$95 million. 

Schlettwein last week confirmed to The Villager that a total amount of N$95 169 709.09 had already been handed over to NAC.


A break down of the money


According to the confidential document, the monies are said to go into various areas of the airport which includes the extension of the arrival hall which will gobble N$2 million.


There will also be work to be carried out on the interior storage facilities to the tune of N$2 million.


Works are also set to be carried out on the extension of the departure hall which is expected to take another N$2 million.


NAC will also reconfigure the existing check-in area which involves building renovations and this will take N$16 million.


The company has indicated that it needs a plant and mandatory spare parts to be supplied from abroad.


These comprise a KVM Switch and a flight information display system, a conveying system adjustment as well as additional counters and desks including furniture.


All these will eat up N$7 million.


Another N$9 million will be used for arrival reclaim belts while N$6 million will go into passenger screening equipment, X-ray, automatic explosive and liquid detection and other things.


Installation of equipment, services, and special airport systems will cost N$5 million.


 Installations of electrical system and HVAC system, fire protection system, telephone, public address, and CCTV to cost N$2 million and N$4 million respectively, N$331 000, N$849 000 and N$63 000 respectively.


The airport is in need of a computer workstation for each immigration gate which will eat N$768 000 and lighting to cost N$2 million.

Other required items are plumbing, water, and electricity.