All set for Hugh Masekela tribute show- Suzy Eises

Namibia’s award winning jazz sensation, Suzy Eises has disclosed that preparations for her much anticipated Hugh Masekela tribute are well advanced and its all systems go.

Speaking to The Villager ahead of the big night scheduled for the 25th of August, the svelte and smooth-talking poster-child said two internationally acclaimed artists, Vaugh Fransch and Dan Shout will be touching ground-zero this coming Friday.

The late Masekela carried about a larger than life personality punctuated by African sounds untouched by the vagaries and taste of time, which makes this show quite an intimate one for Namibian Die-hard Jazz enthusiasts.

The entire affair is packed into 16 words, “celebration of a life and music of a musical doyen that spanned more than a generation” and this is what makes it the more exciting as days move closer.

Suzy herself was more than welcome to share more as to where things stand at the moment in her camp, “We’ve been having rehearsals, we had one on Saturday and then last night so we are very excited.”

“Lazarus Jacob will be narrating. He will tell the story of Hugh Masekela like little clips and reading messages and the band will play songs, you know, about the struggle to unite South Africans.”

She said the major weight of her hopes is hinged on those that will not be making the Odyssey back to the villages and other towns during the upcoming holiday and she looks forward to their making a turn and plunge into her sultry sounds already in the pressure cooker.

“We are concerned that people might not be able to make it since they may be travelling but we are very hopeful that we’ll have a lot of people there and we are going to give our 100%,” she weighed in.

She will mount the rehearsal stage Friday afternoon with the visiting international duo just hours before the show to get a proper footing and fine-tuning the act to near block-buster perfection.

Pressed on how she felt brushing shoulders with them, Suzy registered some blushing in her voice, “I feel very good, I am very happy to learn from people and yea,” laughing easily.

Meanwhile, the show roars to life at 8pm sharp as gates open at 7:30pm and tickets can be purchased at Computicket, with those in advance running at N$250 and N$300 at the door.

Suzy’s music has become unmistakable within the local and international space while her baby-album scooped a Nama award at its birth, sending a message that she is such a rising force set to leave an indelible mark for posterity.

With six nominations behind her back which were at par with Sally Boss Madam, Suzy waltzed her way to bag the best new comer of the year gong coming out stronger than ever before, as far as home-recognition, brand-power and everything in between are concerned.  

She has penetrated the corporate corridors at every turn and is by no doubt one of the most sought after talents of the moment, and as for how long she will hang on, time will tell.