Illegal squatters selling plots at Khorixas …threaten council employees

Illegal squatters currently set up in the Khorixas' Donkerhoek informal settlment are allegedly selling off plots illegally to job seekers looking for accommodation in the area.

The council officials were threatened by the squatters when they tried to inform them not to build their structures on land that was demarcated to be allocated to persons that had applied for it, public relations officer of Khorixas Town Council, Ebben Xoagub told The Villager. 

“As we are busy with the familiarisation purposes to see whether the residents that have been allocated plots are building their structures on allocated land, we noted that some of the people have again put up structures on land that was not allocated. When they were confronted a group of these illegal squatters started insulting us. They went to the extent of picking up stones and threatening the workers that they will throw at them next time. It was such an embarrassment for me as a senior council officer,” Xoagub said. 

He added that the police have not been called in as the group did not injure any of the workers who advised them to wait for council to clear land.

The group went as far as removing stones used by council officials to demarcate land Xoagub stated. 

“We are busy with the upgrading of the informal settlement by electrifying housing units that have qualified for electricity. We would like to inform all persons that we will be working according to directives set by the ministry and will not allow any illegal squatting. Persons selling plots will be held liable for their actions,” he said.