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Two wives take man to court

by Linekela Halwoodi

john, 55, stopped getting sexual satisfaction from his wife and baby-mama of 23 years when he moved to Windhoek for work, so he decided to move on to his ‘next’ without getting a divorce.
“I think when he said I was not fulfilling his love, he meant I was not satisfying his sexual desires anymore and that he wanted to marry another woman,” his wife, Martha Andjamba said.
Martha (first wife), 50, has now dragged Andjamba to court for bigamy.
She also opened an assault case saying he beat her up in their Uukolonghadhi home.
“He came once to the house in 2010 and started calling me a b***h. He accused me of having a lover but I did not have one,” Martha explained.
John joined the army in 2002 and a few years later, rumours about his wife’s lovers started to reach Windhoek.
“The guy exists. They have been together for 11 years, even my youngest child knows about him. He’s called Moses,” John revealed.
When Martha denied the accusations that where confirmed by his neighbours, he decided to move on with a woman he met in Windhoek and married in 2010 despite his pending divorce with Martha.
John says he wanted to move on from his previous marriage but Martha refused to sign the divorce papers since their separation, although she had stopped living in her husband’s house. “He does not want me to go to his house anymore,” Martha said.
She asserted that she does not want him back either but wants him to support their eight children. She also said that she raised her husband’s kids that were born to other women. .
“Martha just wants to ruin things. When I joined the Army, she never visited me even once. She must not bring trouble now, this court case just has to end so we can part our ways. I do not want to be with her anymore. I do not want to end up killing anyone,” he charged.