Fransfontein, Khorixas constituency office in the dark …as chief regional officer refuses to pay bills

The Khorixas Constituency and Fransfontein Settlement offices have been left in the dark after the power service providers cut them off due to non-payment.

A source speaking to The Villager on condition of anonymity has said that the service providers who received the tender under the Kunene Regional Council have not received payment in about three months resulting in the cut off.

The Villager understands that the newly appointed acting Chief Regional Officer (CRO), Kisco Sinvula has not been issuing cheques to the service providers since last year.

 “The cheques are just there on his table. Electricity has been cut at both Fransfontein and Khorixas constituency offices just because the cheques have not been signed to pay service providers. We have approached the acting CRO to sign the cheques so that the service providers could, be paid but until now he did not sign them off,” the source fumed.

He further alleged that the CRO does not come to the office often, and that he would ask to be called on his mobile in order to participate in important meetings.

 “I have never witnessed such a thing before and even the councillors are afraid to act on his behaviour. How can an official meeting take place in such a way? I seriously do not think that any person in his right mind would be happy with the way things are going on here,” the source said.

The co-owner of Bros Trading who has been contracted for the services of clearing the bucket toilets in Fransfontein, Abraham Hedrick, has also accused the regional council of not paying his company for the services rendered.

“I am not happy at all. We used to get the payments on time before he was given the acting position of CRO. I would like the ministry to appoint a person that understands what we are going through in terms of working without receiving any payment. I have no more words to say because I am very disappointed,” he fumed.

When contacted for a comment, the senior administration officer, Rivonia Brandt declined to comment on the allegations.

“I am not allowed to share anything with the media so I will not be able to assist you with your queries,” she said.

Sinvula said that he is attending a workshop and will not be able to comment on any of the questions posted by this publication.

“Can you please put your questions in writing? Ask for the persons who gave you my number my email address. I am attending a workshop and can not meet up with you. Whoever gave you my number should send you my email address,” he said.