Usakos sticks to guns in selling unserviced land … in spite of outcry from residents

Following an outcry by Usakos residents after the town council commenced selling unserviced land for N$15 000, the town’s housing and property officer, Selma /Gases, has come out to say they have not received any formal objection after they advertised the sale in the press.   

The council has already advertised the sale of unserviced land for N$ 40 per square meter.

“We do not have a choice. Every area in Usakos is mountainous and rocky. There is no other way land can be sold to prospective buyers,” she told The Villager.

/Gases said the town’s sale of such unfeasible land was justified since houses in Windhoek are sold for more than N$100 000 in rocky areas.

“What is wrong with us selling unserviced land for N$15 000?” she queried.

 /Gases has called on aggrieved residents to approach the town council’s offices and table their petitions.

She said, “We advertised the sale of land and since there was no written objection we commenced with the sale of land.”

She said the sale of land to potential buyers is not illegal and that the UTC has followed every rule in the book to sell the land.

Meanwhile, the town council is looking forward to more buyers who want to settle in Usakos.

 “Even if there was a less rocky area we would have followed the same procedure and sold land. We are not selling the land cheaply because it is a rocky area or because we want to rob people. There is no area that is less rocky than the other and that is it. Please see to it that people understand what they are talking about and you are welcome to write the way you understand what is happening in Usakos about the sale of unserviced land,” she fumed.