Kuku Nkandanga returns

Kwaito artist, OmZoo who takes on the character artist Kuku Nkandanga often depicted as an old man, with a white and black beard, in an old blazer and a hat, has plans to bring back the old-timer.

Kuku Nkandanga who is a shambo artist took a break from music in 2016 to give himself a breather to release in 2017.

The Tatwiitapula hitmaker released his 10th album titled Okapwalwa in December last year and promises to deliver another banger offering this year.

“I actually dropped last year an album which consisted of 13 tracks but I have not released the previous year because I was on vacation,” he giggled.

He told Vibe that he will now be releasing an album each year and has already started putting his lyrics and rhymes together for his new project.

He has featured other traditional music making artists such as Kamati and Ekanga on his previous album and hopes to collaborate with many local musicians for his upcoming project.

He said, “I love working with my people and people should expect nothing but a good 11th album.”

Although he revealed his future plans musically, Kuku Nkandanga still refuses to reveal his true identity saying that it will forever remain his little secret.

“I won’t be unique anymore if I tell you who I am, there are people who know me but those are only family members or close friends,” he said.

When asked why he decided to name his last album Okapalwa, he said, the album speaks to many souls and therefore deserves to be in every house like matches do.

Over the years, the mysterious man has worked with producers such as Glo and Araffath.

“My last album was produced by Glo and as we speaking right now I am busy ordering new copies because the first ones were sold out already,” he said.

After enquiring whether he has entered for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), Kuku Nkandanga said, “when was the due date? I don’t even know. I have not entered at all, was not really much aware of it.”