Stop stealing our music - Jomolizo

Kandjeetu hitmaker Moses Halweendo aka Jomolizo has cautioned Namibians from pirating music from original albums as it steals from the pockets of artists.

Jomolizo who is signed under Deal Done Records said that people are not afraid of legal ramifications for copying music because the laws have proven lenient in those cases.

“I know you called me for a different topic but I am really tired of making music and not get any profit in return. We spent thousands of dollars just to print our copies and for someone to decide to own a box of CD’s without paying for them, it is not fair,” he stressed.

Jomolizo’s music is most popular in northern Namibia where he is currently based at Onekwaya East, Ohangwena Region.

He has been doing music for close to a decade.

The award-winning musician further told Vibe that people who own Jukeboxes are the most common culprits of producing counterfeit albums.

“If we as artists had the time to move from one bar to another looking for fake album copies, we will not be able to count how many fake CD’s we would find,” Jomolizo said.

Jomolizo further urged the Namibia Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) to take drastic action on piracy.

He added that Namibians need to understand that musicians depend on music to survive while noting that that it is not just about having fun in a studio or jumping on stage but rather a business like any other.

He will also be releasing his third album in November this year, although no specific date has been set yet.

‘I released my second album last year in October and I might drop the third one at the same time,” Jomolizo said.

Apart from the album, he revealed that he will be shooting a brand-new music video next month for the song titled ‘Epatalange’ from his last offering.