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Youngest hockey player thrilled by Berlin World Cup

by Kelvin Chiringa

As the days to the women’s indoor Hockey World Cup tick down, the idea of battling it out to the top among world-class players is a dream come true for 16-year-old striker and midfielder Kiana Cormack. 

Coming from a family of hockey enthusiasts, with a mother and a sister that have been to the world arena, Cormack is set   to represent her family name and country. 

“I have been training really hard and even though I am the youngest player, I think that I am mentally strong enough to play in these games and perform,” she said. 

The intensity of trainings under the watchful eye of the famed coach Erwin Handura has created the girls into a tightly knit team and the enthusiasm that comes with it has set within their mind one goal, and that is to fight it out to the death in Berlin. 

“It’s been really nice to get to know each and every one of my players and yea we’ve been training quite a lot at least four hours a day and we are quite prepared for this world cup,” she says. 

Yet the nerves are there for this first timer, but she says her mind is set on playing the hockey that she loves and experience the fun that comes with it.

Tipped against hockey giants with better rankings than that of Namibia, Commack is convinced her team will give them a run for their money.

Yet what are the prospects of winning for these African champions? 

“I think it’s just to improve our rankings and make it to the quarter finals. Winning right now is not realistic but anything is possible,” she says. 

And her words to the fans?

 "A lot of people are coming to watch us and they have really been supporting me and I am just thankful for everybody that’s been backing me and I am just gonna play for them,” she says. 

Meanwhile the European Championships which commenced this week are underway in the Czech Republic and Handura has made the flight there to go get a glimpse of Germany and the Czech teams.

The two are part of the Group B within which Namibia is positioned at the upcoming World Cup.