Atushe moves to Afro Pop

John Namweya, also known as Atushe, has recently released two Afro Pop singles after being a notable advocate of the influential Kizomba genre in Namibia for close to a decade.

The two songs, produced by the House Guru gang, were released in November and are believed to be favoured by many although no one expected him to switch to a different sound.

Atushe told Vibe that he has always wanted to do a different type of music and believes that the time has finally arrived.

He said, before that, he could not express himself better enough.

“I am not shying away from the type of music I used to do, I am basically just diversifying my music into what I have always wanted to do. I am at the point of my life where I do not really care what people are going to say, and I felt like Kizomba limited me from what I have always wanted to sing about,” Atushe explained.

Apart from the two new singles, he will be dropping an album which will consist of an array of genres.

“The reason why I have not released an album after the last one is because I have other personnel things that I do besides music, if music was the only thing I do, I would have definitely dropped another album,” Atushe said bluntly.

He said that he had fallen in love with Kizomba music after associating himself with Angolan friends and decided to specialise in it.

Although the artist have walked away with numerous awards from the Kizomba category in the past, he says there is no turning back now.

He expressed excitement about his much anticipated album.

The up and coming album will have 10 tracks and will commercially be available by May 2018.

According to Atushe, the name of the album will be titled Eveline which speaks about life in one of the most dangerous streets in Windhoek.

“Although that is what we are planning on naming the album, we might change it after we have completed everything,” Atushe said.

When asked about how he felt about the Kizomba genre being removed from the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) Atushe said, he was not bothered as he had already scooped awards in the previous years.

He added that he fought for the existence of the genre within the NAMAS categories when the awards first started.