Geingob should be resolute

If one looks at the events in the run-up to the Swapo elective congress that ended in Windhoek on Monday, they can conclude that President Hage Geingob could have caused it by giving certain people false hopes.

There was a perception in 2012 that Geingob's victory, especially in the predominantly Aawambo north, was because of the Oshikoto coordinator Armas Amukwiyu's hard work.

This perception was even concretised by Amukwiyu's presence around Geingob in the early days of his administration.

When people stopped seeing Amukwiyu around Geingob, the rumours started about how the two had fallen out and the reasons for the fallout.

There are many others too who fought on Geingob's side in 2012 but became his sworn enemies a few years later.

These were on the anti-Geingob side this time around.

Fact is that nobody will admit that there have been problems but that too does not need anyone to admit it.

People saw what happened and heard what was said before the last week's elective congress and even now.

There is no love lost between Geingob and his former friends. As for the reasons that caused this, we can only guess.

That, however, is water under the bridge and the only hope is that Geingob has learnt from the post-2012 situation that not everyone becomes a foot soldier for nothing.

This is not to say that Geingob promise people rewards for running battles for him but it cannot be ruled out that those who so, expect something in return.

Judging from the recent events and some of the characters who surrounded Geingob now, if the president is not careful, there could be a repeat of the post-2012 era where some people will feel left out and will seek to fight back.

The message to Geingob is that he should not give in to any demands from people who think just because they fought in his corner, they deserve better treatment.

Fights like the just-ended one should be for the common good of all. Those who choose to engage in such battles should do it for the sake of the party and country.

In a way, the rifts that characterised the congress campaign came from 2012. 

They were caused by the fact that Geingob refused to give in to demands by those who claimed to have helped him.

Even now, there is no doubt that Geingob will not give in to demands, if there will be any such, from and by foot soldiers.

The other matter that does not seem to be linked to this is that of advisors. One wonders if Geingob still needs some of them or all of them because so far, apart from the one in charge of the economy, none have done anything visible.

Is it not time that Geingob looks into what the advisors have done so far and decide whether to continue with them or dump them?

Pretending that all is well and continue on this path will not help especially now when the country needs good advisors who know what should be done and it should be done.

This is so because after winning the party presidency, Geingob should deliver on his promises and prove that the people did not make a mistake.

For Geingob to deliver, he needs a team that performs and does not wait just for the pay cheque while hiding in the shadows of the State House.

Some of the advisors do not seem to know their job descriptions such that when the media seeks comment, they would rather pass the question to the next person.

One would argue that advisors are supposed to be whispering in Geingob's ears. 

While that true, it is also true that from what has been seen so far, those whispers, if ever they were made, have not had any impact.

This new era should mark a beginning in the way Geingob considers who should work on what because the nation has a lot of expectations?

His resounding victory at the just-ended Swapo congress shows how much the people would like him to improve lives and do more.

But Geingob cannot do more with a weak team or even a weak cabinet.