2017 X-trails an overwhelming success

The 2017 Standard Bank OTB X-trails this year proved to be one of the most successful sporting events locally, drawing in crowds from all corners of the country for participation.

The trails which were previously comprised of the Khomas-Hochland (KH) X-Trails and the Avis Xtrails, also saw the addition of a new trail in the coastal town of Swakopmund.

“I’m pleased to say that our X-trails exceeded all expectations this year, especially with the addition of the Swakopmund trails which meant that those people in the coastal regions who might have been interested could also join. An impressive 1264 took part in the trails this year, with 370 taking part in the KH trail, 646 in the Avis trail and 248 in the Dunes trail in the coast,” Standard Bank’s PR and Communications Manager, Surihe Gaomas-Guchu said.

She added that overwhelming number of participants in the trails is proof that Namibians are serious about adopting a healthy lifestyle. The trails were grueling yet rewarding as participants were able to take in the exhilarating cool breeze, all the while admiring the untamed beauty of nature. Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts had the option of either walking or running through the scenic trails.

“Standard Bank understands the importance sport plays in the physical and mental wellbeing of those taking part. We are committed to ensuring that Namibians adopt a healthy lifestyle by aligning ourselves with the development of various sports in the country through sponsorships. This year we had children as young as three years old participating across the board in our trails and it was very pleasing because we managed to create a family friendly atmosphere, one is never too young to start investing in their physical and mental health,” She explained.

To show its unwavering commitment to the trails, Standard Bank gave a sponsorship of N$546 764.15 this year.

Of the three trails, the Avis trail drew in greater numbers as participants enjoyed the quiet and scenic views of the dam. However, participants equally enjoyed the scenic Farm Godeis where the KH trails took part and enjoyed a change in scenery as they took in the calming breeze of the sea. 

“Trail-running/walking has seen tremendous growth in recent years and provides adventurous spirits with a healthy opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. I am sure that we will have even more participants next year and I urge everyone who wants to kick-start their healthy lifestyle to take the first step with our x-trails,” Gaomas-Guchu concluded