From prisoner to diesel mechanic

Katutura based ex-convict Sedney /Huseb (45) has made a turn-around to his life from that one of crime which has seen him languishing in prison to a diesel machenic.  

/Huseb has been convicted of armed robbery with intent to cause grievous bodily harm; theft and attempted murder, but he says he is now a transformed man.

The Villager set down with him and he opened up on his life of crime and the journey he had to walk.

“I used to fight a lot and got locked up, after which I would be released on bail. I would do the same offence and I would be locked up once again. I had anger management issues.

"What mostly triggered my violent behaviour was the abuse of Mandrax and alcohol. I could rob people just for Mandrax and alcohol. That was a habit I had,” he said.

He tells Vibe that his urge to cause chaos almost ended in the death of one of his victims.

He wanted to rob her of a 1100 Nokia mobile phone. 

He says, in that horrific encounter he had hit the victim with a brick from the back before she fell unconscious from the impact. 

“That is one of the reasons I had to stop.  Well even in the main prison cells I attempted murder and robbery. I think the number of cases I had in the past were more than 10 and the judge also warned me that he would sentence me if he sees me in his court again but I did not listen

"Durig that time all I wanted was to get out and continue with my life, but this time I was not fortunate. I was denied bail until I was sentenced to five years in prison,” /Huseb said.

Up to today visions of the woman he nearly murdered still haunt him.

He told Vibe that on that day he attepted the robbery with a friend but his friend never got arrested for the crime they committed as he decided to take the blame alone.

“I have never mentioned my friend’s name because we agreed that he will be my outside guy who would bring me  things I needed while I was in prison. These are things such as cigarettes and all sorts of basic needs. My friend only stopped by once while I was locked up and he passed away while I was still in prison. I paid for all my actions and will never ever get back to such unhealthy habits,” he said. 

The ex-convict says prison is not for the faint-hearted, but is an entire hellish world on its own.

No normal person would want to spend his life in such a place, he says. 

However, /Huseb has been out of prison for close to six years now and says he has refrained from using drugs and alcohol.

He currently is a mechanic and specializes mostly in motorbikes and trucks as he is a qualified, certified diesel mechanic.

It is a trade he took up while in prison. He also owns a barbershop and a cuca shop in Katutura. 

“I have wasted most of my life  doing bad things and I am not married. I do not even have any children yet. I will tell this story to anybody that wants to hear it because I am a born again. I have paid for my sins and have asked for forgiveness from God and will ask for forgiveness from any other person that I have ever hurt in life,” he said with a contrite tone.

/Huseb says he is now looking forward to opening up his own church in order to help Namibians and to do good in the community.