Team Swapo members should answer own questions ... Nahas should ask Jerry about housing and youth unemployment

Team Swapo candidates will certainly get most of the answers they are seeking from themselves if they can be bold enough to ask each other.

Most of their speeches at Oshakati Stadium on Saturday were like self-introspection.

In summary, Nahas Angula talked about the junk status of the economy, the price of houses and the youth unemployment.

Nahas is not just a surprise because his claims that the economy has been destroyed seem to be only but a clear campaign strategy.

Maybe, it needs to be repeated here that it was Nahas who pushed for the wastage of N$14,5 billion on Tipeeg projects that never created jobs.

This is one of the roots of the unemployment he spoke about on Saturday at Oshakati. 

Had that N$14,5 billion been used for housing or any other purpose, the situation would have been different.

Nahas pretends not to know that when he pushed for Tipeeg, the then finance minister Saara Kuungogelwa-Amadhila was also pushed to issue Namibia's first bond to pay for the billions that benefitted some of the tenderpreneurs who are funding Team Swapo's campaign today.

One wonders what other new ideas Nahas, who has been in government since independence, has to create jobs. 

As for the prices of houses which he said were out of reach, Nahas knows that the colonial administration built most of the houses in Katutura and indeed other towns.

No Swapo administration has ever done anything about the housing problem apart from enriching tenderpreneurs who are funding Nahas' campaign.

Even Jerry Ekandjo as the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development from 2008 until 2012 never solved a single housing issue.

Jerry was also the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing from 1990-1995, during which time he never did anything. 

Nahas should ask what Jerry did during the nine years he spent in the housing ministry. 

If Jerry is a leader worth his salt, he should stand up and tell Nahas what he did during the four years he was the housing and rural development minister.

Of course, Jerry will never say anything because he did not do anything but push for his son, Sam, to get an NHE tender worth N$42 million. Sam owns Oruhapo Property Solutions.

Sam's company was registered in March 2012 but still got a tender to build 227 houses at Lüderitz. 

Nahas must then ask Jerry what Sam did with the money or whether there were any houses built from the N$42 million instead of trying to play dumb and deaf and blame others for the junk status of the country today.

Does it not surprise those who have analytical skills that Nahas also spoke about youth matters when he was sitting next to the current youth minister Jerry?

This is the man who should answer any questions about the youth because he leads the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture.

Nahas has been in parliament for close to 30 years now and just why does he seem not to understand that ministers should answer for their constituencies? 

The same should apply to the state of the youth today. Jerry has been their minister since 2012. 

Can he dare tell Nahas what he has done for the youth? Even a single thing or a meeting or a proposal to help the youth?

The answers Nahas wants to know are in Jerry's heart, and these two are campaigning together. Why can't Nahas turn onto Jerry and ask about the youth's affairs?

Pendukeni must ask Jerry about home affairs mess

If Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana’s claims are correct that she turned around the home affairs ministry, once again the mess at that ministry points at Jerry, who was a deputy minister (March 1995-September 1995) and then the minister (September 1995-March 2005).

Whatever mess Pendukeni claims to have found at home affairs was a result of a bad foundation laid by Jerry who spent 10 years as home affairs minister and about a year as the deputy minister.

Once again, if Jerry has leadership qualities, he should tell the nation during his campaign what he did as home affairs minister because Pendukeni's fingers are pointed at him.

Is it also not surprising that while Pendukeni is boasting about turning around home affairs, Rosalia Nghidinwa, who was the minister there from 2005-2012 is sitting within reach?

Would it not make much sense if Pendukeni can ask Jerry and his successor Rosalia why they messed up home affairs instead of pretending that the problem is elsewhere but inside Team Swapo?

If there was a mess at home affairs, then Pendukeni's teammates Jerry and Rosalia were incompetent. Pendukeni is also telling us that she had to come and mop up both Jerry and Rosalia's mess.

This is a revelation which every forward-looking Namibian should remember - Jerry and Rosalia messed up home affairs ministry, and Pendukeni had to clean up after them!

Armas Amukwiyu said he is not a saint just like anyone else but did not break down what his sins are. 

If one confesses to being evil, then they should also be free to tell the people what they have done such that they themselves realise that they are not good people.

Hiding behind a half-hearted confession to portray an image of humility is an old game in politics. In any case, politics is not about comparing who is a better angel of death and who is not.

Maybe, when Armas get another chance to speak, he will be more explicit about what precisely the sins that he acknowledged make him not a saint are. 

This is transparency, and it seems that is the pre-emptive game he pretends to play.

Still, Armas should not stop at telling the nation that he is not a saint without giving details.

Is it about what Job Amupanda said a few years back about how Armas amassed his wealth?

Indeed, Amupanda wanted Armas to reveal the sources of his wealth at his age for a person who never had such a well-paying job.

Maybe Petrina Haingura, Richard Kamwi and all those who are out of the government need to know what Armas meant by being not a saint.

Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun spoke about opportunities being given to foreigners while Namibians are sidelined. 

Why does she pretend that her United Africa Group is where it is because of foreigners whom she spoke badly about?

Unless we have forgotten, Martha's husband Haddis is an Ethiopian who came to this country as an economic refugee. 

If anything, Martha should not have spoken about companies going broke and retrenching workers because one of the reasons is that she is making the government pay inflated rentals for office space.

When Martha talks about foreigners taking up Namibians' jobs, she could be targeting the Chinese too. Can she look close to her the next time she attends a campaign rally and ask herself why Armas wanted to team up with the Chinese on the tobacco plantation?

It is also a known fact that one of those behind Team Swapo and most probably its most prominent funder, Vaino Nghipondoka, is a darling of the Chinese.

Nghipondoka has said so himself and this is a fact. Look at the bulk fuel tender where Nghipondoka's Babyface teamed up with a Chinese company that charged the country N$5,6 billion!

Is this not part of the money that has led to the economy being reduced to junk status? And isn't Nahas and all those who are talking about the economy being destroyed benefitting from the proceeds of the bulk fuel tender?

The next time Nahas talks about junk status, he should ask Nghipondoka about the bulk fuel tender and all other tenders that were inflated. That's where part of the problem lies.

Nahas should also know as from now that those who are putting in money for his campaign have caused the junk status on the economy because of their greed.

Martha too should be aware before she talks that most of the foreigners taking up jobs are the Chinese working with the tenderpreneurs in the team.

She should knows too that these Chinese are getting their work permits even for pushing wheelbarrows from Pendukeni's ministry.

Petrina, who was implicated in the food tender scandal when she was the health deputy minister had the guts of saying Swapo is in ICU when she is one of those who ran down the health systems in this country.

Haingura wants to be the deputy Swapo secretary general if the elective congress forgets about her role as the health system's hangman.

Maybe, Haingura forgets that the Swapo Women's Council sent her packing when she sought to be the secretary at Keetmanshoop in 2016. Instead, they opted for Eunice Ipinge.

Maybe, this is not the time to talk about some of the so-called prominent people who attended.

These are the likes of  Ngarituke Tjiriange, Ben Ulenga, Ben Amathila, Samuel Chief Ankama, Henok ya Kasita, Martin Shalli and Petrus Ilonga.