China- Namibia trade volumes increase

Bilateral trade volumes between China and Namibia have increased by 20 % from January to June this year, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Namibia Liu Huambo has said.

Last year, US$435 million worth of trade was recorded while this year US$532 million was recorded from January to July between the two countries which represent a 20 % increase. 

Namibia and China mostly traded in the agricultural sector, Huambo has said speaking to The Villager at a two-day information sharing seminar.

“China and Namibia have a good trade relationship in the Agricultural industry be it food, agricultural machinery and any technology. Namibia is on the right track to achieving its goal of vision 2030, and I believe that we will make this happen together as partners,” he said. 

He added that there is a need to promote the export of beef; lamb meat and seafood in both countries.

Huambo said China could feed 20 % of the world's population only because it extensively mechanised its agricultural sector.

The Chinese, Huambo said, are looking at possibilities to make more investments in Namibia’s engineering and construction sectors by building roads, bridges. 

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, agriculture permanent secretary Percy Misika said the sector is considered as the backbone of the country’s economy as about 70% of the population depends directly and indirectly on agriculture regarding food, income and employment.

“The sector was also identified as the highest employer in the country with 21% of the entire labour force during 2016.  By 2020 Namibia should have increased its food production by roughly 30% to move its inhabitants away from poverty to prosperity,” he said.

He further added that China is an excellent example that Namibia can learn from as it developed within 38 years through agricultural production.

The two governments have new proposals that include agriculture, education, infrastructure, energy and renewable energy. 

“I am positive that all the projects China and Namibia embark on in the future will be a success. It involves skills transfer so that we can do whatever Chinese people can do in their country. 

"If we are to achieve vision 2030 we need a trained and educated nation and we need to work hard using whatever help we get from outside,” he said.