Khorixas mall cost down to N$30m from N$100m

The cost of construction for a state-of-the-art mall that was supposed to be completed by June this year at Khorixas has decreased from N$100 million to N$30 million.

Phase one of the mall has been delayed because of challenges with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and registration of land at the deeds office, the project director Lazarus Adolf said. 

Lazarus told The Villager that the cost had gone down.

“This is due to the size of the town and the population but that we just could not set up a mall of that magnitude,” he said.

The infighting at the town council has also been resolved, and there is a ministerial clearance and council approval too.

Lazarus said the geographical area where the mall would be was also an challenge because Khorixas is a rocky town and the investor had to make sure that the mall is built in an accessible location.

“We are still looking for private companies such as MTC and Social Security Commission to hire office spaces.

"We are trying to engage them because of service they offer only in place such as Otjiwarongo which is close to 200 kilometres far from Khorixas. This will be their opportunity to bring the services close to their clients,” he said. 

This development, he said, is aimed at cutting the cost of travelling as well as the risk of accidents and a highway connection to the coastal towns of Henties Bay, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

They expect that traffic flow will increase exponentially especially for tourist who frequently visit the Kaokoland area.

The town also expects to see more development such as the construction of the N$700 million Vocational Training Centre and an official opening of Rare Earth Metal mine which is slated for next year.