Uploading inappropriate videos will not be tolerated – Nampol

Recording and uploading video content that can be damaging to the image and wellbeing of others will not be tolerated, police Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi told The Villager.

This comes after a video of two Namibian women in a fight surfaced. The video starts with the two women arguing about clothes but quickly escalates to one of them physically assaulting the other by hitting her in with fists. 

Shikwambi said that the police has warned the public on several occasions against such behaviour. 

“If it is brought under our attention we will take further steps. We have made efforts to warn the public about the dangers and effects it has on the victim as these will stay forever on the social media,” she said. 

She has asked that victims immediately open police cases when this happens.

Clinical Phycologist Shaun Whitaker has said that the situation is getting out of hand and urged the state to put strict measures in place.

“It is about time we have debates over these things. This is basically damaging a person’s image and on social media platforms as these videos circulate everywhere.

“The state must put some kind of legislation into place that deals with culprits that upload video of this nature. If you are beaten up it is obviously very traumatic experience. People have the right to personal boundaries and confidentiality. When it is circulated without your permission, it tarnishes your image,” he said.

Namibians need to have more debates about respecting the privacy of individuals, he said.

“It is very unethical. We also need to look at who has to use social media as well. This thing has caused suicide in some parts of the world. It does not stop where people think it does. Psychologically the person that has been exposed might not be in a position to handle the situation. Exposing this type of material is not healthy at all,” he said.

Whitaker adds, it is a demographic society and Namibians have to respect each other because once respect is there then things of this nature will no longer be an issue.