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N$300m worth of projects completed at Arandis

by Rodney Pienaar

Arandis Town Council has successfully witnessed the completion of major projects worth N$311, 700, 000 in the past five years.

The town has been overgrowing and is expected to see more development in the coming years the town’s Chief Executive Officer Florida Husselmann has told The Villager.

“These achievements are a milestone, and we will still achieve more as a team including all the stakeholders.  As a mining town, Arandis is attracting investors to the town, and more investment is to be made,” she said. 

She added that the development in the town had been growing at a slow pace; however activities picked up with the opening of new mines.

Major projects that have been completed in the past five years are:

·         the Arandis Puma Station worth N$10 million

·         Arandis Convention Center worth N$20 million;

·         Math’s and Science Centre worth N$5 million;

·         Arandis Health Center worth N$11 million;

·         Dream Lounge worth N$2.5 million;

·         Rantino Entertainment Center worth N$2.6 million;

·         Woermann and Brock worth N$15 million;

·         Erongo RED Office Complex worth N$ 15 million;

·         Houses worth N$70 million;

·         Infrastructure Development Project worth N$59 million;

·         Solar Power Plant worth N$ 86 million and Municipal Bungalows worth N$ 6 thousand respectively.

Husselmann further explained that temporary jobs and permanent jobs had been created during construction of the projects and more jobs are yet to be created when other constructions projects start. 

“Over 300 permanent jobs will be created will be created excluding the indirect employment during construction of projects that are in the pipeline. Numerous investors have already approached the town council, and the projects have been approved,” she said. 

She further added that one of the major development challenges faced is the limited funding to service land and perception that the town's future is linked to the lifespan of the mines.


Projects coming to the town also include:

·         , a gas production project of Kyro Investments;

Arandis Emergency Response and Traffic Management Center that is a project that will be funded by ATC,

·         Erongo Regional Council National Road Safety Council and MVA fund; Road Safety Park;

·         120 MW Power Plant; PVC Factory;

·         Medical University Hospital;

·         Arandis Mining Research and Training Institute; Residential Development project and the Data Farm of the FMT Global Connections.


Furthermore, the council will be hosting its fourth Investment Conference and Uranium Festival next month to promote renewable energy and Information Communication Technology solutions.

“We are proud to continue building on our three focus areas, Industrialisation; Education; and Tourism and we are confident that Arandis is transformed into a town of choice,” Husselmann said.